This training SERIES is for you if...

You love to practice sports and often get frustrated from your lack of stability and balance when you play them.

You want to improve your gait patterns and reduce risk of injury.

You feel you cannot progress in the weight room because you lack ankle mobility. 

You feel those ass-to-grass, pistol and dragon squats are difficult to reach and keep.

It is time you fully enjoy yourself whether you run, jump, walk or play any sport where footwork is needed.

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is This you...

You feel stiff in your foot and cannot stand strong in one leg.

You lack of balance and struggle with ankle mobility.

You are ready to fix your feet and ankle stability and mobility.

You want to enjoy sports, keep yourself healthy and minimise the risk of injuries on the knees/hips/back.

Imagine an easy-to-follow, time efficient routine that would allows you to:

Learn STEP-BY-STEP how to improve your ankle mobility
Build rock solid foot strength foundations with essential techniques and patterns
Gain lower body balance, no more poor posture in the foot
Bulletproof your foot and ankle so you can enjoy your time at the weight room and in your sport
Stop foot pain with barefoot mobility series

Hi, I’m Angie and I’d like to help you do exactly that.

Over the past 15 years, I have been on a transformational barefoot journey that took me from practicing barefooted stillness, learning yoga in it’s purest form in India, through to motion, having discovered the joys of movement and martial arts from eminent teachers around the world.

Through designing strength training for myself and for clients, I noticed that an incredible amount of time could be saved and injuries avoided, simply by adding essential movement work into your regular routine not only barefooted but taking care of the roots: Your feet and ankles.

Today, as a strength and mobility coach based in Vienna, Austria, I provide skill-focused training with a unique combination of techniques from martial arts, strength and breath work.

After seeing the results with my in-person clients every day, I custom designed this signature course to create an accessible and simple way for you to access the benefits of my trainings, whenever and wherever suits you.

I’d love to help you get those results too.

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Build rock solid stability with specific ankle and foot training techniques


Learn how to master your ankle and foot strength by unlocking the key patterns you need


Develop active flexibility and keep the lower body balance essentials empowered


The training series are structured so that you can intuitively adapt  to your needs wether you want to simply run or you want to play a sport where you need strong footwork and lateral movements.

Sessions will be guided in English, and translated to German and Spanish if needed.

Every session has been thoughtfully created for you to teach you to develop your own personal routine.



A 4-training sessions of 60 minutes to build essential strength and stability in your foot and ankle.

Every session includes warmup, routine and progressional exercises.


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The user assumes all risk and liability of injury in the use of this series, and cannot hold Angie in Motion (Angelica Cavazos Díaz) liable. Please consult your physician, assess your fitness level and follow instructions before beginning any workout programme. Your participation in this exercise program is voluntary and it is recommended that you take breaks, hydrate and use common sense while performing the exercises. The user agrees by purchasing this series sessions that Angie in Motion (Angelica Cavazos Díaz), will not be held responsible in the event that an injury occurs.