the essentials

Strength for motion

The online training program to help you build lasting strength and boost movement capacity through the power of short & simple weekly routines

This program is for you if...

You don’t have endless time to spend in the gym, and need an efficient at-home routine that creates space for all of the other priorities in your life.

You’ve had enough of feeling sore after shaky push ups and uncoordinated pulls.

You want a fully optimised method that helps you to truly master foundational forms and techniques.

You feel unfit and stuck at a basic level. You want to make real progress in your movement capacity and skills.

You feel frustrated by a lack of movement control, even when you advance in other areas of strength and fitness.

You feel tight in your back, hips and shoulders after work or a workout and want to feel smooth and light for health and performance.

If you’ve had a gym membership for a while, that’s a great first step… BUT the truth is all that sweating will get you zero results if there’s no purpose to your training.

Is this you....

You have saved countless Instagram posts about short routines but you have no idea which one fits your level and needs, or how they fit together into a consistent plan.

You have a gym membership but are not sure which strength equipment is best for you (free weights, resistance bands, machines…) so you get overwhelmed and end up on the treadmill again.

Since you have limited time, you choose the sport or practice that you enjoy and are more familiar with, but you end up skipping the essentials of strength and movement that you need to reap the benefits.


Imagine an easy-to-follow, time efficient routine that would allow you to:

Cut stress and save time for family, work commitments, sport and social life​
Unlock shoulder, spine and hip flexibility
Become naturally intuitive to what your body actually needs
Access your body’s natural stability and balance
Clear your mind and radically increase stamina
Fine tune essential flexibility and coordination

Hi, I’m Angie and I’d like to help you do exactly that.

Over the past 15 years, I have been on a transformational journey that took me from stillness, learning yoga practice and meditation in it’s purest form in India, through to motion, having discovered the joys of movement and martial arts from eminent teachers around the world.

Through designing strength training for myself and for clients, I noticed that an incredible amount of time could be saved and injuries avoided, simply by adding essential movement work into your regular routine.

Today, as a strength and mobility coach based in Vienna, Austria, I provide skill-focused training with a unique combination of techniques from yoga, martial arts and strength work.

After seeing the results with my in-person clients every day, I custom designed this signature course to create an accessible and simple way for you to access the benefits of my method, whenever and wherever suits you.

I’ll be honored to be your coach on this transformational journey.


An online training program to unlock your strength, flexibility and resilience, in 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks

The program revolves around three pillars:

Build rock solid foundations in essential techniques and patterns

Save time and reach your dream strength and skill levels

Develop a higher awareness of your own body and access its true power

What my clients say about my method:

What is inside? As a member of ESSENTIAL STRENGTH IN MOTION you’ll have exclusive access to:​

The essential skills you’ll perfect during the program:

Essential push / press movement for a full and fluid range of motion
Essential pull strength and shoulder mobility – the foundation of resiliency and health
Essential strength and range of motion of the hips
Essential capacity of movement in all joints for increased resilience and reduced injuries

How we’ll train together:

The program is structured so that you can intuitively adapt frequency, intensity and volume to your needs
Every step has been mindfully crafted with a meticulous focus on technique, breathing and tension
The training focuses on perfecting form before breaking it
Each exercise is uniquely designed for you to learn new lessons about your own body

How the program works:

Once you select your program you will a confirmation email that allows you to start training with the video exercise library and workouts including warm ups and bonuses organised for you to make your training a simple and efficient experience.

You will also will receive a link to download your training planner to keep track of your goals and get started on your resilience journey!