21 Day Move Project is on!

I’m excited that you join me for 21 days in a row to make our body more flexible and strong. the reason why I created this 21 day Move project it is because most of us happen to have a very busy life. Covered with long hours of work, mostly sitting in from of a computer and/or if you are someone that loves sports then you might have here and there some joint issues that would like to heal, protect or make them more mobil and flexible. There are some tips I would like to share with you to make the 21 day Move project more fun and successful.

Before we start our journey, here is a check list keys to have a successful outcome:

Always make time to PREPARE YOUR MEAL

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS, that means, at the end of your day write down on your workout log and food log what you have actually have done.

EAT SMART when, how and what you eat is important for your body performance. Think about the big picture.

DO YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM, your workout plan is key to help your body to restore, get flexible and strong.

I know how it is to be immersed in work projects, family activities but having a body that moves without pain is not to be granted. Move your body because you have one! This project is created for you to improve your body mobility and keep a meal plan that supports to restore and heal it.This project will certainly help you improve your sport.


No matter what, MOVE for 21 minutes first thing in the morning if possible.

Do 21 repetitions total of your chosen daily movement routine, that means you either do them all at once or make it 3×7.

Follow your weekly workout and meal plan.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Check in with #21MOVE meal and/or move of the day on instagram.


The diet will be suit for making strong and healthy body joints for a better sport and fitness performance and it will include the following more less.


Green leaves, sauerkraut. Veggies are loaded with anti oxidants that balance the daily stress. Stress is number one for inflammation.


Bone Broth, MSM supplement. Organic non GMO protein will help you restoring your body tissues and keeping healthy connective tissues.


Vitamin C, high potassium and magnesium. To rebuild collagen for body tissues, vitamin C is needed. Berries have lots.


Healthy fats. Coconut oil, DHA oil, Avocado, nuts oil. Those fats that contribute to lubricate the joints and help to reduce inflammation and pain


Ginger family. They are known for their anti inflammatory benefits.


The workouts week plan will be send to your inbox every week. I combined together mobility training with strength training to help the joints get healthy and strong. But you can also follow the basic workout plan like follows

Monday: Dynamic stretching routine

Tuesday: Strengthen your core with Turkish get up

Wednesday: Urban leg workout training

Thursday: Flexibility training cat-cow routine

Friday: Arms, shoulders, back and obliques workout

Saturday: Legs and glutes workout

Sunday: Foam rolling

21 day Move project to help our body joints be as healthy and strong as they can be is on! Now I wonder, are you for it?


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