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Evo Fitness Vienna 50% off referral code

Want to train in the coolest fitness boutique club in Vienna? Use my referral code JC3V5 and decide if Evo is a good fit for your style of workout and training. As a celebration that this is my first blogpost since I lost my old one, I want to share with you my referral code. I have been asked a lot if where I train is my house and yes, it might feel like home, but it is not. Evo has that advantage, to make you feel like home when you workout there. 

In my personal opinion, Evo Fitness in Vienna has the best equipment for those who love functional training. Unfortunately there are no more space for floor movement anymore and mobility space has been replaced with upper body machines. If you dont mind, you can still enjoy the space (info updated)

What is your style of training?

Either you train for performance, for strength, for building muscle or health. You can be sure of something. Stick to the Essentials.

You don’t know yet what is your style of training? So you go ahead and stick to the treadmill, the safest place maybe for you. Yes, heart health is important and for those weight lifting lovers might think picking up weight is enough and more fun, well it is, at least for me. We still need to pay attention to out overall health.

Does your kind of workout fit your lifestyle?

Training certain workout styles can balance out the other areas of your life. Stress is stress and the nervous system takes it even if its mentally or physically. 

So what you enjoy the most? lifting weights, short HIIT workouts or learning skills as ring muscle ups, handstand, backbends? 

Choosing your type of trainings is important in a day full of responsabilities either with family or at work.

Next time you are at the gym train intuitive  , your health will thank you.

Now, go ahead and use that referral code and enjoy training at Evo Fitness Vienna.

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