Habits: Mastering your mind

“The mind is given to you to use in self-expansion. It runs wild on old thought patterns and habits. If you cannot have the mind when you need it, it is useless. The function of the mind is not just to spew out random thoughts! It is to fashion etheric elements into forms of energy that manifest through the earthly elements. A projected imagination that is guided is a fundamental power and gift of mankind.” – Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


meet your mind


Meet your mind.- That is right! meet your mind, if you haven’t met it, now it is the time to get to know your mind or if you have already,  it is time to refresh this old meeting. Mind could be represented by the brain but actually is more than that. The mind is given to us to function in this world as a system nourished by our body. It is always working on our behalf even though some times we perceive it as the opposer. Actually we have a positive mind, a neutral mind and a negative mind. These are working all the time. All of them help you to live your life. Since this topic has been forever; I want to underline the most important from getting to know your mind. Monday dedicate some time for observation of your mind. Observe what you think, what you feel and see how much attachment you have with those ideas and feelings. Are they really you or someone’ else?


energy flows


Energy flows where attention goes.- I love this phrase because it is so true. Use your focus to support your day not only to do list but life goals. If you feel distracted for some reason. Come back to this phrase and realize how powerful is to be focused on what it makes us better as a person and an athlete and as a human been.


Want to be powerful? Be here & now.- If you haven’t read The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment then you might be interested in knowing that be in the here and now brings a tremendous amount of power to decide and act. Use this power today to accomplish your goals.

accept and be happy


Accept and be happy.- Acceptance of what it is, it is actually to accept without not wanting to change anything about that person, event or feeling. That brings happiness and peace to ourselves. It works perfectly and it actually takes from us the amount of stress we have when we want to change something about ourselves, others or material stuff we have.

manage your mind


Manage your mind.- How to manage your mind? Take 5 minutes daily meditation; see the big picture and visualize your plans successfully accomplished.


set master plan of action


Set a master plan of action.- A plan is always needed to have results. Take this day to 1) write down the results you want to have 2) write down your deepest purpose 3) develop your priority actions.


shift your mind


Shift your mind.- After meeting your mind, you are able to shift it. Awaken The Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life from Tony Robbins helps you on shifting your mind. Sunday is good day to enjoy a good book. This is a good option is you are into self development. Shifting your mind is basically you now can choose which thought to use and which not for the sake of good and positive success.

Mastering your mind and give a sense of use. The mind is made for materializing what is out there and giving a meaning in life. If not believe, ask world MMA champion Connor McGregor how he mastered his.


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