Habits: Self love practice


We wrap this 40 days to fit journey with the root of everything:  Self love. Without a deep self love and acceptance what ever we construct will have a superficial power. The self love practice begins with knowing ourselves, knowing how we react to external events. To make a practice we do not need to be in crisis but just be.  Is love something we have to learn?  We learn patterns based on emotions, what we have to learn is the system. The system which we operate. Self love comes from knowing ourselves. Not what we study of believe but how we react to external events.

Relationship with self


Relationship with Self.- The relationship we have with ourselves play the most important role. We can be very demanding, we can be very self indulgent. Take this day to observe and meditate in how is your relationship with yourself. Do you really listen to yourself or you ignore what you feel or think towards you? Pay close attention to develop a very honest but compassion relationship. If you are disappointed because of past mistakes. think if this disappointment still works for your life goals. The closest you are with yourself the better you will perform in every aspect of your life: professional, fitness, nutrition, social.



Who has my key to happiness?.- Omg, this is one of the tools I have learned to know where do I stand. There is a key of happiness and who has it? your family, your partner, your boss, your fashion coach, your fitness coach? Happiness is acceptance. Letting someone taking energy from you. Taking time from you, taking work from you could lead to an unhappy you. Take that key, maybe you gave it away in your last relationship, in your last sport competition, or your last trip to wonderland. Get that key back to you. Today think where do you have this key. If for some reason you find out it is not with you, get it back! it is yours, you make your happiness, you create this key for you, It only opens for you.

Facing fear to go deeper


Facing fear to go deeper.- Fear is the mother of hate, anger, resentment. Sometimes we just have to go deep in the mood, go deep in the bag full of bullshit to rise like a lotus flower  We have to dig deep enough to clean up that shit we have been caring around and has made our journey harder. Facing the fear to go deeper into that bullshit mean you start to love yourself and start to have a closer relationship yourself. This day go deeper until you see the light that makes you shine.

reverse bucket list


Reverse bucket list.- Write a reverse bucket list! this is so fun and will make you see what you haven’t looked at yet. So today take a piece of paper and a pencil to write down what have you done already. With this action it automatically brings us to the emotion of Gratitude. Feeling grateful for all those experiences and all those moments of glory. I will write my reverse bucket list soon I send it to you guys via newsletter 😉

Life is about creating yourself


Life is about creating yourself.- We finish this journey how we started; to be aware that LIFE IS ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF. Nothing else! So today go and continue to create your life in the most amazing optimum way possible. Go be and feel fit and healthy.

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