Impressions on Inspired Fighting Monkey Vienna

This weekend I had the amazing and intense experience of self exploration. I attended a Movement Workshop called Inspired Fighting Monkey leaded by Jakub Zeman.

Jakub is a student and instructor from Fighting Monkey and is located in Prague. He has built 18 years of research and experience within variety of disciplines – martial arts, capoeira, dance, traditional forms for healing the organism, gymnastics, contact improvisation. Jakub is using the Fighting Monkey framework to create more meaningful cross-disciplinary connections feeding human development. Bringing together the aspects of physicality, communication, relation to the environment. All, interconnected by rich social interactions that provide the best ground for our learning. Under the guidance of Linda kapetanea and Jozef Frucek; Jakub is developing his teachings in order to provide tools for building a relevant supportive practice to people from all sorts of domains. To open up hidden possibilities, gain more independence and shape an unique vocabulary in movement and overall interaction with the world.


The first time I heard about the Fighting Monkey Project was that time I wrote an instagram post about Ido Portal blacklist, in that post an instagram friend and reader recommended me the Monkeys. I never thought I would have a taste of their work and project months after. To be honest I saw some videos and tried to understand what is to offer at the seminars. I felt a bit frightening by the hectic executions and the challenging tasks I saw on their videos, I saw a lot and yes it is a lot, a lot of personal experience, a lot of exploration, a lot of shaking the nervous system. That means for me shifting patterns. And I find that positive for my body and my brain; which has been developed in a different environment with different patterns and different believes.

This weekend we really dived into unconventional training methods to aim exploration and creativity. We for sure worked with complex structures and faced tasks new to our patterns.

What this weekend offered, it was an universe of possibilities for each individual to explore within him/her self.

The days were divided between partner practice, athletics; we worked the joints all planes possible, and we ended up with a super liberating dance.

“movement situations”

Chaos and disruption

For sure the tasks and practices put pressure and stress, some got bored, some got overwhelmed, I collapsed. I lost sight and half of my body became numb for a while. But I didn’t want to walk away so I stayed after I was checked by the male nurses until I recovered and felt it was time to reintegrate the group. So yes, these movement situations make for sure an impact in the practitioners.

The group was a bit mixed; fighters, dancers, physiotherapists and myself, a mindful fitness lifestyle blogger and movement lover. We all gathered to be inspired by the fighting monkey. We were given options /tools/experiences for us to take home and practice to become better humans and share with others.


Inductive reasoning, spacial orientation and memory

We practiced coordination in group, I found it the more fun but the more challenging for me since i am not the most coordinated person. But I didn’t care, I followed because I knew the benefit of DOING.

“zero form”

Athletic Leg, Axis and Spinal health

At the end of each active session we ended up with around 30 minutes of athletic leg which is a variation of sumo, crusty, and lunge squats in an uneven way as well as some spinal mobility and eccentric upper body.

Are you ready for the monkey journey?

For more info about the next Inspired Fighting Monkey in Vienna:


– In collaboration with Ralph Bruckmann

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