International Women’s Day: #IWD2018

Today is a day to reflect on international and personal peace. The human race has evolved in so many aspects; technology and science, those male aspects and energy has conquered our existence in this planet. This is the reason why I stop today and write about how important the female energy is in this time of evolution. We have developed machines and tools to make life easier. So little in the western world I hear about developing the sense of sharing, caring, forgiving the other. So little I hear about out emotional intelligence, about sharing instead of competing. So little I hear about working with respect and tolerance of the unknown.

International Women’s day is a representation of all human been who declares his/her right to be and express. I almost never ever celebrate something. I take every day for granted, mother’s day, birthday’s, anniversaries and so on. But today I want to remember, I want to honor the ones who have fought with passion and love, those who have given freedom, families and life for a cause. The cause is called PEACE AND RIGHT TO BELONG.

There are times where I get very sad and my heart closes, the spark of my eyes start to go away. There are times when I do not understand, I do understand my own race. But as an awaken human, I can see BEYOND rationality.


So how much is too much? How many have to suffer before we even take ACTION? Human nature has to go to the bottom to raise? Even if it is a fact; it is not a fact. There are miracles, we create miracles. That is our superpower. Humans have superpowers. Create with the mind and through repetition.

Photos: Markus Haas


This day can be as deep as having insights and epiphanies about how to step into ACTION to help this world be a better place or as superficial as going out for shopping sales in the closest shopping center you have. Both are part of life. We, you, me decide how we want to go though the day. Polarity is part of the universal law. It is what it is.


I send all my respect and love to those women who still fight for the whole today. I embrace all female energy in this planet.







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