Impressions on Ido Portal’s Corset Protocol
Ido Portal

This weekend I had a very educational and spiritual time. I spent 16 hours getting to know myself thru every plane of my joints. I attended Ido Portal’s Corset- Total Body Protocol workshop in Vienna and I had several impressions and realizations that I would like to share with you.

They say, the teacher shows when the student is ready, even though I had already contact to Ido’s teachings couple years ago thru my husband, he is a closed student of Ido and… he is a closed lover of mine. I had the opportunity and fortune to train regularly part of his method: #idoportalmethod.

Every now and then I squeezed into hubby’s training schedule. And had some access to a top level method combined with a top level coaching from hubby. Time past by with ups & downs in my fitness and movement life. It was time for me to work more and save enough money to attend this weekend Ido Portal’s Corset-Total Body Protocol workshop.

Funny enough I found out I was having more than a technical education about joints mobility. This blog is my personal expression of my spiritual findings thru a list of drills that have the possibility to unlock, heal and/or strengthen the joints to mention some. What I realized they unlocked, healed and strengthened something deeper than soft tissues, they unlocked my perceptions about myself. I found myself having very personal realizations that I believe we all humans have, that is why I share them with you.

We are unique humans. Ido pointed out several times when responding questions from the attendees. We are unique humans. What is good for you could be poison for me but that it doesn’t mean I will go ahead and be a pansy about life challenges. These 2 days covered how to corset the joints of our body. And because we are unique humans it is our job and responsibility to discover what is needed.

Everything in life is an isolation-integration-improvisation process. Get your skills straight. Get your sport skills then integrate to the game of the sport you play then be ready to improvise! Life is a constant improvisation, haven’t you noticed it yet?

We have to make choices. Be wise, work, learn, adapt, be flexible, versatile, strong be you and make choices. Be responsible for those choices. Want to be a dancer, a powerlifter, a pilates instructor or a yogi. Choose and not cry about it.

Use your tools. Use what you have learned, play with them and find out for yourself.

Are you flexible? Get strong. Are you strong? Get stable. Look for your area to improve.

Remember all mobility preparation is to MOVE. For what else could be but to move. We prepare the joints to move. Don’t prepare your joint by your mobility training and then go ahead and leave for a movie. You mobilize your joints; then use them!

This time the Corset Protocol was guided by  Odelia Goldschmidt and Jonathan Clayton leaded by Ido. Such great teachers and movers. Always taking care of the group and given the best for us to get it.

If you are serious about your shit as an athlete, coach or your body then you definitely should attend Ido’s Corset-Total Body Protocol this coming July and/or all his teachings thru his workshops, camps, online coaching.

You have a body? Use it.

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