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Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in one of the Gabi’s RAW Food Workshops called: “Simply after Work”; which actually consist in getting your hands dirty on her kitch’….

Her Simple Raw Bakery is located in the middle of Vienna. So, we all were there at 18:00 yeap, I made it! …She greeted us kindly, we introduced ourselves and quick we got into business. We walked into the kitchen and started to review the Menu we were going to prepare for that evening. After we began to prepare the ingredients…and to uncook them 😉

This time we were all having fun with healthy yummie food. We enjoyed chatting, getting to know each other, tasting the food. For the gazpacho soup we added some chili, in this task the group decided that Angie will do it as she comes from a HOT country…so I did and me… as been an expertise in HOT chili, I was no afraid to cut and taste it…

OMG!!! wrong wrong wrong…it was so HOT that my eyes started to produce tears of pain with non stop…I drank a big glass of yummie btw… almond milk, it didn’t work much, my lips were on fire! and I was on fire!! we laugh, yeah, what else could I do, I’ve cried already…


I had such a great time at the SIMPLY RAW BAKERY, we could not stop talking, have to tell you Gabi closed the “kleine Bakery” and the group hitted to the public trans together with non stop talking about food & nutrition.


Meet Gabi and enjoy her simply raw way of living… 😉



AF: Please, Introduce yourself

G: Yeah, my name is Gaby, Im 49 years old, mother of 2 girls, and a rawfoodie.


AF: You are the owner of the SIMPLE RAW BAKERY…How all started?

G: Yeah, started with bad informations, somebody of our family got sick, and…we were thinking about what could we do to boost the immune system, so, the normal doctors didn’t tell us anything about the immune system, they want just want to make surgeries, and that is it and our way to was back to the nutrition…to find out how, how important the value of nutrition is and then we just started eating just raw vegetables, raw foods, in case of some ingredients. After some months, I think is was a half, half a year it was very boring too just to eat everyday the same stuff and I was missing to cook some nice menus and I decided to, I didn’t find anything in Germany or in Europe, and I decided to go to the States, there is an Academy, it was at Oklahoma, it is in nowhere, but it was so nice to be there, to learn all the techniques, about raw food and about to work with the raw ingredients and after a few months I was back, and I didn’t have any idea of what to do with all the knowledge and then it goes one step after the other, I found the place here at the market to sell my organic sweets, so I decided to prepare just raw sweets and…Yeah…that is my way, and, after one and a half year we decided to open a raw bakery, a RAW Bakery & Bistro.


AF: Please tell us about SIMPLE RAW BAKERY.

G: It is ah… I would think 80% for take away stuff; our products are mostly sweet so, mmm, it’s like a pastry shop, our products are gluten free, white sugar free; they are organic and we are not using soy…and, we are not heating it up more than 42°C and in our bistro, you can relax a little bit, you can have a coffee, and we serving starters like small breakfast & lunch the whole day, we have a little bit of spicy & savory stuff too.


AF: Workshops?

G: Yeah, we are doing workshops twice a month, there are two different kinds of workshops, one is, just inner menu, it’s a rohkost (rawfood) dinner workshop and the other one is; half day and it is everything about sweets, just making sweets 😉


Quick Questions:


AF: Healthy secret?

G: Oh, God, I think there is not only one secret…

AF: but the best?…

G: I think it is ATTITUDE. Yeah, the truth is attitude, everyday.


AF: What inspires you?

G: I think I get inspired of happy people. It is so much, there is a connection, yeah, one feeling people, yeah happy people, it makes you feel happy, and it is the creativity behind so you get motivated to create something new, it’s the energy between people. Alive, it’s not just humans…it’s animals too or nature.


AF: How do you balance your lifestyle?

G: I changed my lifestyle to come back in balance because I used to spend all my money for things I don’t need just to get the feeling maybe I can get a little bit more happy. That’s the way…you work as much as you can, you think you are happy, and with this lot of money you have nothing to do then to spend it again.

But you can’t buy HAPPINESS.


AF: Do you workout?

G: Normally yeah.


AF: What is workout routine?

G: My workout is just to run and meditate during running.


AF: Daily?

G: At the moment I had an accident but yeah that is my daily program.


AF: What would be your daily meal plan?

G: I am addicted to coffee, so it is grapefruit, almonds and coffee, that’s my breakfast…And a lot of water, yeah, I start, before I start with anything I drink a lot of water. I think it helps me cleaning my system.


AF: and your lunch, dinner?

G: Yeah, after the run I have my breakfast and its about eleven o’clock nearly twelve and it is just fresh foods.


AF: Quick healthy recipe?

G: It’s ah, chia seeds…soaked in fresh homemade almond milk, minimum time 30 minutes to overnight, as you like, and it’s very satisfying feeling meal, it’s good for breakfast.


AF: Give us a tip on weight loss…

G: I heard, I heard very often to eat one tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning. Maybe it works 😉 Ok, you shouldn’t eat sugar afterwards.


AF: Tip to keep a healthy lifestyle?

G: I think that the most important this is to think about what you do with your body, to make you, your body, your system satisfied. That’s it…and, it DEPENDS ON YOU and not in anybody else.


You can connect with amazing big hearted RAW FOOD CHEF Gabi on:



Simply raw bakery: facebook page

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