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A week has past since we were moving with Tamara Levinson! I was so excited to bring her to Vienna, I yearned for the MovMeant therapy so much that last year I tried to have it but it was not yet the time. I found Tamara on Instagram thanks to Kino McGregor YogaTV called Omstars, her unique and raw transparency not to please anyone but her soul gave me a strong feeling that I could trust her guidance, so I participated in her wonderful challenge called #BeYOUtifulu I dove into my inner self to see what was there. I was longing for couple of years now, a self connected, body-mind “detox” since all these years living as an expat, establishing in a country where I have to start life all over again, literally! I was overwhelmed already, because living truthful moment by moment takes tremendous energy, self-knowledge, discipline and of course self-love.

So the universe listed this time and Tamara was on her way to Viena.

Let the body speaks its mind – Peter Levine


The day arrived and I picked up Tamara from the airport by public transport, yes I do not own a car, I haven’t drove for 6 years 🙂 now, we went straight home and I let her rest and practice her own personal MovMeant. We joked, we talked a lot in Spanish and we said good night.


The next morning, thanks to Tamara we were on time! the dislexia I sometimes have puts me into trouble here and there. We arrived to gorgeous Malu Sportsclub and started to get ready for the 3-hour movement therapeutic session. We were 12 souls dressed like humans (it sounds more poetic lol); 10 females and 2 males who had their own very personal experience.


Well lets put it like this; we humans work in this way: We do create thru energy. We create exactly the energy to ejecute an idea. Idea as an action or thought. If this idea (positive or negative, it does not matter) gets interrupted, the created energy needs to find a way out. Since our body is extremely wise, it has its own systems to get that energy out of the body! The common ways are throughout skin, the kidneys, the liver, the muscles and finally the MIND.

This said, muscular pain, illness and unexpected behaviours start to appear when the body systems are overworked.

MovMeant is a way to let that energy go, serves the body to release that toxicity that is archived in the cells. Thus healing will happen through movement practice, exploration, vocalization and breathing.

“Your body is your subconscious mind.” – Dr. Candace Pert.

In Tamara’s words: “Emotional memory is stored in the mind-body. It lives within every crevice of our being. MovMeant releases the mind-body of stored trauma to bring forth healing through a felt sense creative process. Not all feelings can be expressed verbally. MovMeant supplies a safe space to explore our emotional landscape by physically moving our way through the storm. The body constantly gives us subtle cues. Many of us are aware of external or verbal signs but unfortunately we quickly dismiss our powerful intuitive nature.”


The playshop has been described like magical and indescribable, no words from a body language, right? What Tamara did on the 3- hour session was to guide us to let the body speak and heal. She hold the group energy and stirred up the pot of emotions in order for the group to let go.

There were self-discover stages, there were playful moves, soul connection and a very unique journey. Once you really have lived fully the MovMeant playshop, you will crave for more and more space to let go the extra carriage. Cannot wait to meet again and let go.


On the weekend of this amazing event I found out big rejections, changes and personal liberation. I stepped into that wooden room to let go, to listen to my body and my soul. I had to have the eyes close in order not to get distracted from other’s journey. It takes courage, openness to follow up. I never gave up and I cried, I smiled, I vocalized a bit and I was playful. I did my best to let the body speak what was carrying, so I moved in different directions, all directions possible, all ways possible and eureka! The fear was broke and suddenly I was light and free.

Want to be a #beYOUtifulu warrior to? follow Tamara Levinson around the world, look for her next play shop in your city or in Vienna.

Because we meant to move.




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