The Best of 2015 Recap

Today is the last day of 2015 and it feels really like it has been yesterday, really, don’t you feel the same? This year was all about mindfulness and self acceptance. I wrote less than I wanted to. I think I just gave it for granted. Since at the beginning of this project of mine called Live Healthily Ever After by Angie Fliehser I started as my own journey on healthy living and fitness in this beautiful country.

Soon I have discovered the results of having a healthy living as well as been part of the fitness community, I  needed to start a plan with you guys for this coming year to pass on to you the tools that have helped me balanced a stressful life.  So wait for the coming days!

I would love to recap the best of 2015: Live Healthily Ever After moments #2015bestnine

1.- KETTLEBELL SPORT Workshop by Gregor and Tadja Sobocan: Live Healthily Ever After by Angie Fliehser visited Gregors workshop and learned quick the science of KB Sports; swings, snatches, clean and press which were the main subjects. It was a great opportunity for the athletes from Vienna to get the best from the Word champions in this sport. I had to opportunity to interviewed brother and sister in different timing. Passion, discipline and hard worked is what the Sobocans are all about besides their incredible bounding.

2.- Ashtanga YOGA workshops and teacher training with social media rockstar and queen Kino McGregor and the first son of Pattabbhi Jois;  Manju Jois. Having this great opportunity to be inspired from Kino’s hard work and Manju’s wisdom and knowledge was the best of 2015. Having to interview such authorities in the ashtanga world has giving to this space a door to get what they are all about. Living what they love.

3.- Kundalini YOGA and guitar artist was on the blog as well, Grecco Buratto, sharing what is for him to share his passion in the music world and the yoga world.

4.- FIT and FLEXI was created to offer mobility training for the athletes to keep a healthy body and mind. Service that popped up in Crossfit boxes and martial arts/ boxing clubs to get the benefits closer to those who have not yet experienced the training or practice.


5.- A strength and mobility section was created for specific postures and exercises to start or use with your training program in order to get what you need or want for every part of the body.  You will find one of each other supporting the chosen body parts.

6.- This year I cooked less I had to say, not for that food is less important in this blog! This year was created the #foodbucketlist which I find really fun and interesting since my love to visit different places will be covered in this section 🙂 I will have once a month my FOOD BUCKET LIST for you guys; from the places in Vienna and around.

7.- Because fashion is part of everyone; a fashion section was created with giving tips and ticks in how to wear your best parts of the body in different moments. It would be featured in the 2016. Even though Live Healthily Ever After is not about dressing the latest; it is also about showing the best of you at any moment, with or without clothes.

8.- Talk the talk, so yeah, this year I won a free seminar with Carl Paoli from freestyle connection and gymnastic WOD and I missed it, I had to let go the energy I created when I found out I missed the opportunity to train and learn from crossfit gymnastics leader… Since I write most of the time about mindset and the relation mind and body has I really have to apply the acceptance and let go tools I have learned not to bit me up for missing the only one prize I have won.

9.- The most best of 2015 for this blog is you, you the one that takes time to read what is written with love and lots of time. The readers, the community is what makes the best of everything. So thanks :*

Live Healthily Ever After wishes you a very healthy 2016 and all the energy to keep up with your coming goals, activities and responsibilities. I love you with all my heart (no joke).



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