Wanderlust 108 Vienna: Find your true North

This Sunday finally took place the mindful triathlon fromWanderlust 108 in Vienna.

For those who still are new to the American festival concept, Wanderlust 108 brings 3 mindful activities to the lovely participants: Running, Yoga and Meditation. The event is a celebration of mindful movement. And have also side events.


108 has been a magic number from the ancient cultures, a mathematical code for AWAKENING. You find this number in the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala and Chichen Itza temple in Mexico.

108 is a sacred number that is used by the Chinese Thai Chi pracctitioners, the Tibetan and Zen Buddhists and in Yoga.


For the ones who love running, this mindful triathlon starts with a 5k Run. The participants gather together to warm up before and begin the awakening celebration with a run. A space to run, jog or walk together. Amused by incredible music and leaded by amazing running coaches.


The yoga practice starts after the 5k run with a lil of break for those who participate in the run. We all gather together in front of the stage to enjoy and find our true north with the practice. Mady Morrison guided the 75 minutes vinyasa yoga.

It was a refreshing way to move my body since I’ve been having a strength training program to get fit for my next dreams and goals. So this session gave a yumm feeling to let go and connect once more to myself.

We started with a easy flow that included standing poses, vinyasa, twists, backbends and seating poses to finally close the practice with Savasana. The energy of all he people gathered for the same purpose: #findyourtruenorth.


Top & shoes: Nike women Leggings: Eco activewear Nice to meet me

Photos & Vid: Markus Haas


The final part of the mindful triathlon was meditation, we enjoyed a guided meditation from the young Sara Ticha She started guiding the meditation explaining a bit what it was and sharing her own experience how she started teaching yoga and how now she happened to be the one guiding the meditation. Fear meditation was the topic and it was right on point. I really used and practice this one because I am going back to my birth country in few days and I know I will experience these futile emotions by been in town with old memories.

I had a great time visiting the kula market, the Divadi Vegan eco-friendly were there, drinking a chai latte from the true north cafe, having my hair styled by Aveda and got my a planner to be happy. I also participated in one of the side events with Yoga on board. The  athletic sessions were guided by athletic flow, breaklatics, adidas Vienna: Mobility, HIIT, nutrition and functional training were some topics.

After a long day went back home to enjoy the rest of the day.

There was a space for every one to write what means for each of us to find your true north and of course with no hesitation I wrote: being in motion. Wanderlust 108 see you next time again in Vienna.

– In Collaboration with Wanderlust DACH

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