Wanderlust 108 Wien: A mindful active day

Wanderlust 108 was one more time in Vienna and it was awesome! This year took place in the Donainsel park, known for its famous musical summer festival. The day was full with mindful activities and mindful food.

The 3 main activities: 5k run, vinyasa yoga and meditation where given in the main scenario to then continue with the side classes which offered different options: from Acro, Arial, Mixed Martial Arts yoga to Athletic Flow, Stretching and Mobility sessions leaded by known brands, yoga studios and fitness studios.

This year Budokon yoga was part of the program, so I quickly signed in for a strong session with one of Budokon ambassador’s from Germany. In spite the strong sun and dust in our mats, we enjoyed the benefits of this kind of yoga.

I find Wanderlust 108 a great way to share the same mindset with people you do not know, we are stronger when we are together. So I am so happy to be part of the event, to meditate together is a powerful tool for us the practitioners and the city in general. We all want to find our true north, some earlier in life than others. I prefer to see the good and the great of the intention and this festival is gives it all to give a space where we can come together and be mindfully this day.

I was lucky enough to take a spot at the areal yoga session! I had the most beautiful silk but also the highest that I couldn’t touch the floor. Well that what short people face lol. I had the most relaxing time and enjoyed every pose the instructor gave us, from splits to backbends, it did good to my body. Feeling in between I was in a cocoon was a feeling of been back in mother’s womb. Such an awesome feeling. It can also be a bit uncomfortable if you are not use to hang or pull or be floating on air.

I have to say I enjoyed so much the kindness of the organizers and the yoga instructors during the day besides the happy yoga pop live songs! I am ready for next year Wanderlust 108 Wien. Until then guys!


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