Wanderlust Vienna: Get Fit for the triathlon (GIVE AWAY)

The popular Wanderlust has made it to Vienna. The festival this year is happening also in Vienna and it is all about mindful running, yoga and meditation. I find the combo so great, starting early in the morning with a 5k Run following with a 75 minutes yoga in the open air of the Augarten Park, to cool down and close the triathlon with a 30 minutes meditation.

Besides, there will be 2 DJ’s, a host, and the yoga blogger & teacher Mady Morrison will guide the practice. There will plenty of activities like HIIT Yoga & Breaklatics, a functional and fitness workout.

If you are a runner and a yogi, I believe you know what you get yourself into. Maybe for you it is any other day running and doing your yoga practice.

For those who love music and open air events but are not really sure if they will feel fit enough for the 5k run, yoga & mediation triathlon I have good news, I am writing training program to get fit before August 20th, keep reading because there is a give away.





Photos: Markus Haas Leggings: Hey Honey

I have created a 4 weeks training program workout to get fit and ready for Wanderlust 108 and you do not miss the fun of any activity this day. This training program will focus in getting strong in the trunk, the arms and legs as well as your running conditioning.

I trained and created this program at EVO Fitness studio, just because it has an amazing outdoor concept and I cannot be more inspired by the space, surroundings and options to run, body weight train and have a silence space to cool down.


DAY 1 & 3

Easy Run for 15 minutes


4 rounds of:

 Push-ups 10x

Walk outs 10x

3 legged plank 1 minutes each limb

Elevated plank 1 minute


Walk 20 minutes

DAY 4 & 6

Easy Run for 10 minutes, include a 10 seconds 1x Sprint, 20 seconds run, 30 seconds jog or walk, repeat 2 more time.


Walk 20 minutes

So here it is, all you need for your Wanderlust 108 festival event! And…it is not all, I partnered with Wanderlust DACH to give away a 2×2 tickets for you and your friend to join me. Here is what you have to do:

1.- Be a reader from Angie Fliehser via Facebook

2.- Leave a comment below with whom you would like to #cometogether to Wanderlust Vienna

3.- The Give Away will end on the 31.7 at 23:59hr and the winner will be contact via email.

4.- Multiple participation will be excluded.

Wish you a great time with the 4 weeks training program to get fit and ready for the mindful triathlon from Wanderlust Festival in Vienna.

– In Collaboration with Wanderlust DACH


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