5 Gym hair style trends I’m lovin’ right now

Weeks ago I decided I wanted to change my hair color. From Black to a happy summer like to celebrate that spring is coming and I am so excited, so many plans, I am really looking forward for this year spring and summer! I never dreamed of the flowers essence and open shoes before. I guess that is what happens when you live in a country where the four seasons are really showing. Not like in my birth place where there is only summer or winter season; but mostly summer lol.

Back to my hair color change; I made some highlights; “balayage technique” said my fav hair color stylist Kathi when I showed some inspo pics taken from pinterest. After three hours of dedicated work my hair was finished and looking amazing. She made a beautiful braid on my new brand hair.


That braid inspired me to look for gym hair styles I can do for my weekly training. I picked up 5 of them I totally fall in love with:


1.- Messy bun by gym hair pinterest.com

full bun gym hair

topknot and ponytail

You can find how to make a very easy top knot for your training times here. Seriously I use this one for armost everything, but since I want to get creative this year I am trying new styles.

2.- Inverted Fishtail Braid from divinecaroline.com


inverted-fishtail-braidinverted-fishtail-braid 2inverted-fishtail-braid 4

Just to make it more fun, try an inverted fishtail braid. It hold your hair for an exhaustive metabolic workout.

3.- Side french braid (bun is optional) by adidas pinterest 


addidas dutch braid side

Here is how to do it and maybe you can do some variations like this one

4.- Boxer double braid by gym hair pinterest.com

crossfit :boxing hairstyle

Here are the vid steps to make this braid happen



5.- Half up top

Long hair



Medium hair



So, these were the 5 gym hair trends that I am loving right know. Actually normally I open my eyes in the morning and I walk down to the training room, that means most of the time I am out of fashion, besides the only people training there at that time of the day, seven-ish, are the seniors lol. so yeah I will train my braids for my next crossfit wod with the gang. And you? which hair do is your fav for the gym? Until then guys, have a wonderful day.


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