Fitness fair fashion: Nice to Meet Me Eco Activewear

My fitness fashion was influenced by my mother who always cared and cares about getting me the best I can have in our own budget possibilities. I remember her buying me my first tennis shoes and my racquet from Wilson just right after I told her in my freshman year in University that I wanted to join the tennis class as an extra curricular activity. After a semester, I dropped the class because I found partying was more fun than playing tennis. The best of the class was meeting my dear girl friend who is now a successful architecture in America and we still have contact even though our life took a different road.

 Living in Austria, I met this incredible eco brand when I needed to get an extra pair of leggings for my Ashtanga Yoga workshop with David Swenson. So, I got my first Nice to Meet Me Eco Activewear … in pink at the yoga studio where the workshop was taken place.

After I got comfy with those doing yoga I wanted to acquire new ones for my crossfit, capoeira and strength training. So I did! I got myself two pair of black and one more pair of color ones that matches my vivobarefoot trainers. Both are made form organic cotton and/or recycle material. That means it is vegan as well. No harm on animals.

I was happy that some latin heart was behind the Austrian fitness fair fashion brand. I meet Maicol and Denisse the lovely couple who are the founders. I enjoyed our chat in Spanish and I was really happy that I could support fair designers who care about the environment.


Nice to Meet Me uses organic cotton, TENCEL fabric which is perfect for crossfit athletes and runners that need to have fast dry.  They also use rPET recycle plastic Polyester.

You can learn more in detail about their materials here.


nice to meet me sport fair fashion 1

Top: Flow Bra Leggings: New balance Trainers: Vivobarefoot Photo credit: Lemontrend

nice to meet me top

nice to meet me leggings

Been conscious how we eat, how we set our mindset and how we keep our body active are part of creating and sustaining a healthy living. I am happy that I found this wonderful eco activewear that is not only ecological but also local. Nice to Meet Me designs in Austria and produces the pieces in Europe.


I am always in the search of fitness wear brands that support my sports and the way I live. I move a lot from point A to B and I have during the week different practices and trainings that really require me more than looking flashy and fancy but to support my performance. It makes me upset when I have to train and I have to pull up my leggings every time  or when my sport wear is uncomfortable. My closet is full of training clothes and shoes, mostly divided by the type of sport I do.


Nice to Meet Me is in my Yoga, Capoeira and Crossfit activewear. Funny but whenever I am selecting the outfit that I would use for my coming training or practice I think…”well this one is earth friendly and that than one is not, so I end up over using the eco friendly options and leaving my brand new outfits that I bought because the are cute and and better deal. At this time of my life where I do not have to impress anybody but myself I try to choose wiser and I feel I help the world to be a better place. Are you the same? Do you also think about it?

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  • Great article Angie, I also love Nice to meet me, super comfortable products of great quality 🙂 met them recently at the Joya Yoga Convention

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