My gym bag essentials

I normally use one bag for everything, that includes training clothes, groceries, planner, computer and extra shoes. But lately I felt like organizing and prioritizing myself, so I bought 2 new gym bags, one backpack from adidas Stella Sports and one duffel bag from the american brand Vooray. I was looking everywhere mostly on the fair fashion but I did not find yet one strong and cute enough that fits my needs. I normally carry with me my gym essentials.

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gym bag essentials


Something I can not leave without is the water, I normally take my water in a glass bottle even though is heavier, I know I make myself a favor in avoiding anything that might mess up my hormones plus I know I am helping with the environment a bit. My favorite glass bottles are one from the Soulbottles brand, I have one with Bruce Lee motto: “Be like water my friend” to remind myself to keep my life perception flexible and open. Another favorite is from Emil, I have it with the protection but I prefer to carry it without it. Voss water is also one I carry around when the others are not clean or ready to go, I use it as recycle and refill with water one with water and one with a post workout smoothie or if I would have a long day then I take with me my AFA algae powder or compressed with me.


I normally take a organic vegan deodorant with me and an organic shampoo from John Master organics. I also carry my adidas flip-flops to walk around at the locker room and shower. I take a very small towel and shower cases that I got from IKEA. I take a wood comb and a small hand and body cream from Weleda and The body shop. I also carry with me hair cream from Lush called R & B in case I need to control the drying of my hair, I never use the blow dryer unless I really need to. I use a small cute mirror in heart shape and a thooth brush same pinkish color from the brand Curaprox. Another essential in my gym bag is the concealor from benefit that all my make up together with all in one NARS for lips and chick and eye shadow if you like, and my eyelash curler.


I always carry change in case I need coins for my locker when I am at the kickboxing class, if I am at crossfit box or at Holmes Place I do not need them.

When the weather is so hot I prefer to use something cool and comfy for training depending is the kind of activity I would perform either is Capoeira,Yoga, Strength or Running. This cotton leggings are from the eco vegan and Austrian brand Nice to meet me.

 I carry my Iphone always to play my favorite workout playlists and of course the charger because I need to recharge at all time. Sunglasses, sneakers, extra cotton bag and spare socks and undies are always in my gym bag.

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