Spring sporty fashion vibes

Hi guys! I have been playing magazine editor these couple days because my energy was only for that. So I found out a way to be sporty fashion chic. Spring is finally here, the birds are singing and the flowers are flowering so I got inspired and put together a quick easy on the go outfit that is a must for Live Healthily Ever After.


Urban spring on the go



These accessories are always by my side:

  • A pulli.- Because I am always cold and I need to be cover so I don’t get uncomfy when I walk the streets of Vienna.


  • A cardigan.- In case is windy but not that cold, I love the military green, I use it almost every day when is not cold of course.


  • Black leggings!!!!.- there are a must because I have thick thighs aka strong legs from the squats 😛 I just want to feel comfortable. I use black for going out in the city and when I train I use black training trousers even when is spring.


  • Addidas trainers.- beside a sporty fashion trend, are easy to wear and chick so, they are with me when I don’t use my terra plana vivo barefoot shoes.


  • Backpack.- I saw a similar backpack from Dariadaria and I heard it was vegan so I dared myself to order it online… my first vegan bag which I love, even though I am a petite woman aka a minion It fits good on me. I chose nude color. I am just into nude lately. The bag by the  way is MATT & NAT and can be affordable if you get season discounts 😉


  • A fitness bracelet.-  this is a cute one that I haven’t bought yet but it is on the list I just want to make sure it fits my wrist because I always have trouble with it thats why I don’t use watches or bracelets often.




Let me know if you like the spring sporty fashion look 😉 and if you are inspired like me with flowers raising from earth. Wishing you a happy easter  you guys!

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