Tip Tuesday: Last minute fitness gift guide for her & him

Every holiday season, I must say, I get a bit stress in what to give for a gift, I was never prepared in advance to get cool gifts. I am no master of giving stuff in a celebration day unless it is related to fitness gifts. I do not why I get so excited when I go shopping I always end up in a sport store checking out the new fitness gears, and silly trends we all buy by the ws lol., I always find so many great gifts ideas when I think of active living: Books, workshop vouchers, fitness gears, sporty items, or…just an empty box. Yes, you read well, this empty box idea was the best gift ever, according to my hubby, who was into zen meditation and yoga, now you got me, he saw the big box and when he opened it at christmas, 3 years ago, he was happily surprise to get just an empty box haha. But do not freak out and stop reading the post, because I know you and the rest of us will always be excited to see actually something inside that gift box.  So that is why I thought I make a tip Tuesday with a fitness gift guide not only for her but for him as well. I hope I make your christmas shopping gifts easier with this quick guide that I put together.


The fitness gift guide for her is so holiday like, I tried to put together what is actually always needed and liked to have for the gym time. I was into gold this christmas as you can see but you can find your favorite color in the links as well. Basically we always love a practical comfy gym bag to carry our essentials like a lip balm, make up bag,  a pair or 2 of leggings, a pulli with some positive quote on it to remind ourselves our goals and to keep a great attitude towards the fitness goals. I added my favorite winter jacket from Patagonia and my favorite vegan sneakers. You will never go wrong when you give a spa retreat to your girl friend or partner, that is why is in the gift guide as well. And, for those times when she needs to be at home but want to stay fit I added a gym gear so she or you with her can do some rows, split squats push ups etc with it.



The fitness gift guide for him is actually pretty functional, you always need a great pair of gym shoes to that matches with everything, I have included running shoes and weightlifting shoes for those men who are into sports I also added a pair of boxing gloves just in case he has talked about getting into this sport or kickboxing. I also added a great and chick Montblanc shower item and of course a foam roller for those rest days and sore muscles. A outdoor pulli and a fun one from Patagonia, also a shaving cream from Kiehls.


Happy holiday season, let me know how you prepare yourself with gift ideas, any tips for fitness gifts? I am sure you have already most of the presents you will give to your family, friends and coworkers. If not, I hope this fitness gift guide helps you out in to get a nice and functional surprise to your beloved ones and you get the best gifts ever from the ones who love love and care about you as well.


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