10-MIN HIIT training total body workout routine

As most you guys might already know, Hight Intensity Interval Training is a quick cardio workout focused in fat loss. These workouts are very popular for those who lack of time and facilities. If you happen to be in this case or want to try a HIIT workout, now is your change because all you need is a space where you can perform your exercises.

This month workout is all about High Intensity Interval Training to get the metabolic system going and support your loosing fat program. If you would like to train daily or 3 times a week pick up your strength training workout from last month and combine them together. 3x strength and 2x HIIT.

Remember to support your trainings with your nutrition and level of stress.


april workout routine

This 10-MIN HIIT total body training will make you sweat, so grab a towel and a bottle of water, remember to keep always hydrated & alkalized ;).

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