3 mindsets that supports your sporty lifestyle

When it comes to be successful in your chosen sporty lifestyle either martial arts, crossfit, running, boxing or lifting weights, a healthy body and healthy mind should be in balance.

Here are 3 mindsets that supports your sporty lifestyle according to Live Healthy Ever After:


1) PRACTICE: Making knowledge your own experience 

Practice, practice and all is coming is a sticky quote that I have had in my mind almost daily for the past years. Let me share my thoughts about it with you, I grew up with the thought that university education is the most important thing man can accomplish. I grew up with a lot of information…mostly of others. I ended up with my mind full of data ready to apply in the chosen area of study which in those days was international relations/business. There was no so much space left to experience for myself.  I finished my university studies with a tittle wishing to implement all the tools that I have  learned and was capable of retaining as soon as possible to the next company that would hire me.

You might be wondering what does it have to do with your sport or you going to the gym? It does, what I am saying is; we can read thousands of books and attend thousands of workshops that would show us HOW TO do what we love the most. I mean, we really have to drop buying the trendy books, shopping workshops or activewears to perform what we love to do! So I would suggest to drop looks, rituals or anything that can take you away from and not close to your goal.

You can remember this before you start a vivid conversation with your gym friends about how a good squat should be or a good alignment should be according to your Sunday lecture or your last workshop; if you haven’t experienced it, it’s not your truth.


2) ADAPTATION: Selecting experiences to improve and support your goal

Here comes the ability to be open to change, and I mean not to pain, but change, the more you live, the less you are willing to give, the less patience for yourself you have but in the other hand you can become more relax about what matters and what does not. Unless you find out late what you love then the ability to adapt can save you from suffering in reaching your fitness goals.


3) ACCEPTANCE: Accept where you are now and where you want to be

Be real to yourself based on your self knowledge. Know really who you are, be proud of it and enjoy the doing even when it gets you tears. Acceptance is freedom, feel free to BE, the less you compare the more happy you are. Admiration and respect for others is a sign of self love and respect. Accept your PR days and accept your down days. But most of all listen to your BODY.

When there is balance in the process of getting your body and mind fit, your soul shines. PRACTICE, ADAPTATION & ACCEPTANCE are qualities to take in account when you are looking to LIVE HEALTHILY EVER AFTER. #fitMonday brings you today how mindset is important for reaching your goals.


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