40 days to FIT: WEEK 1

Today is the start of WEEK 1 on the #40daystofit challenge. I am so excited to start this journey with all of you. I am looking forward to hear from you and your very own experiences.

I will try to bring to the challenge tips to support even more the days where we are not exactly at the best energy level possible. Keep post of the articles on the blog since I am writing everything relate to the challenge.

Before we go to business I would like to talk about few things; I want you to know that I am with you in the process of establishing a HABIT that will totally support your so wanted de-stress life. Looking fit and feeling healthy. BEEN ACTIVE and EATING MINDFULLY CLEAN is a way of living. You might have to be consistent and remember at all times what is YOUR PRIORITY what is your GOAL. Looking after you is not been selfish, is loving yourself and knowing that if you take care of yourself you give the best to the ones that need your time and attention, not to say your work.

You do not need to be PERFECT every single day of the challenge, but you can do your best from your heart, that’s the most important. The challenge is about YOU! about you bringing the best of you. A gift to live with a system that makes your life easier.


If you have any questions, comments or want to share with the community how it is for you to establish new habits you are welcome and appreciated. Remember to post in INSTAGRAM with #40daystofit your daily inspiration, either if have finished your workout routine, just cooked an amazing meal or took time for you to nourish your soul; any expression that supports your process. Record your journey, print your calendar and pin it close to you, either in the kitchen or office. Place it where is visible to you daily. Make a exercise and food diary. You will be amazed of what you have done at the end of the week.

I put together a workout playlist for you in case you want to hit some tunes and support getting your routing done.


Get yourself a DIARY where you can record how you behave regarding eating cleaner and starting your workout routine

Chose when you can do your workouts: MORNINGS when everybody is still sleeping or EVENINGS keep it that way as much as possible (it is ok if there are days where you have to be flexible is your activities

Take a picture of yourself front and side where you can visible see yourself before you start and one after. You don’t have to show to no one but yourself. Unless you want to.

Prepare your MEALS in advance. It will help a lot in the process.

Shop your food with a full belly.

Here is your FIRST WEEK FULL BODY NO GYM WORKOUT. You will only need a space to move and a lot of fun! WORKOUT will look like this:
5 set of 10-15 reps

Walking in & out to plank

Reptile plank

Side plank

Reverse/inverted plank

Glute bridge

Jump squats

Skating squats

Jump hinge

2 mins rest and repeat
Angie Fliehser

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