40 Days to Fit

Hi guys! Today I would like to present the very first challenge of 2016. We start this JANUARY 11TH. The challenge was named #40daystofit Sign in to get all the info.

Why 40 days and not 30 or 21? Well a 40 Days of repeating a new healthy action will change your lifestyle.

The challenge will be focus in  establishing a healthy habit for the fitness area of your life. I know challenges could be overwhelming if there is not a fixed intention. That means if you really,  really, want it;  you would go through it but if you know you need it and do not want it that, that bad then it could affect your process, do not let the “maybe”  take your intention away. Get fix in your goal! check out your ulterior motive (that deep inside you real true to get fit this 40 days) as soon you identify the real reason you have already won the journey and you will get the benefits of it. Knowing exactly why you would start this challenge will give you a tremendous power in the process. Either, leaner body, or less body fat or just tune up, or lose weight, you will feel lighter and powerful.

40 days we will be together, sharing every single day the highs and lows of the journey; hey! I am with you on this, I am part of it, even though I will play the guiding role, I am doing it as well. Let’s be fearless this first 40 days of 2016! and JUST DO IT


1) A weekly inspirational quote to remind to keep the goal the goal in your healthy habit. This will be via email, but we will DAILY check in on instagram (make sure you follow Angie in Motion account under @angiefliehser)  and also on the facebook private group. Make sure you join! To support the mindset for that week, besides do not forget, daily check with the #40daystofit on your pics to win the weekly prize!

2) A weekly workout schedule. Weekly you will receive a metabolic bodyweight workout to get your body rocking and support your establishment your fitness time into your busy life.

3) A weekly nutrition plan. You will receive a nutrition program that will support your body in getting fitter and energetic for the rest of your daily activities.

Let’s make together these 6 weeks the best weeks of 2016! Remember to add, invite your friends, family if you like to do stuff in groups. I am that way that’s why I am so motivated to do this challenge with you.


1) Have signed up to the challenge (have a valid email to receive the weekly challenge update)

2) Check in on instagram with the hashtag #40daystofit or on the Facebook private group to join the community and share your journey on these 40 days, besides to be able to win a weekly prize: a goodie box.

We are humans of habits, the universal law works this way, so why not work with it to live your self free of external emotional baggage and finally CREATE your OWN LIFE.

#40daystofit is not only about getting the body fit but getting the mind fit and the getting fit food to be full of energy, energy that daily life demands when we perform our daily professional and social activities.


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