5 lessons I had when I ran my first relay marathon

Next weekend is the Vienna City Marathon 2016 and it just remind me of the time I decided to participate together with other 3 other guys. We got excited back then and we made the decision to participate and do something more active besides meeting once a month for our expats university reunions. Since two of my buddies had ran half marathon already we were convinced that it will be fun, fit and healthy. We we gathered time to time to do some group training running. Since I have never ran before I was a bit conservative but excited to have the experience. Before that I participate in a small run at Mariahilferstrasse.


Vienna relay marathon

warm up for running marathon

marathon vienna

5 lessons I learned when I ran my first relay marathon ever:

1.- Set a goal at the time

2.- Action is the key to success

3.- Never give up

4.- Your decisions will affect the team

5.- Communication is the key for team work



→ Set a goal at the time will give you the power to prepare, develop and execute. Even thought your personality might be multitasking or your daily life demands you to focus in more than one goal at the time. Setting priorities will make your life easier and productive. Why is that? Because we are setting habits and goals in automatic. We want to make it like we were brushing our morning hair. When it becomes auto mode we can proceed with the next goal or habit that will support what you want in your life.


 → Action is the key to success in your goals. When we are in fear we paralyzed. So to take action might seems it is an act of courage. And it is, chances are you get better and better in what you DO  


→ Never give up in times of doubt. When you feel that you it might be over, continue with your heart knowing you can give more always been in contact with your body. When I started the run I fell after 2kms. my left foot got stocked in one of the rails from the tram. I lost control and felt down losing sight. Some granny picked me up and help me to come back to my senses. I my left knee was bleeding and I lost completely my balance. I was hurt but I knowing someone from my pack was waiting for me gave me the power to continue nevertheless. I continued my journey only thinking forward and not replay what just happened in that moment. I have to scythe support felt by strangers in the streets gave me the energy to continue running. I never stopped I got up and continue my journey.


→ Your decisions will affect the team because we are connected. Even though when we separate ourselves from the others. If I have decided in that moment of falling that I will continue, we maybe wouldn’t finished our team goal that we set months before when we decided to participate in such great experience.


→ Communication is the key for team work if you want to keep work on right track. I remember waiting for my relay partner to tell me when I should start running, but apparently he forgot to sent me a ring so I could start running so actually we lost there 15 minutes! he pass by my starting point and after me calling several time I start running. So I learn that communication is crucial in any team work either in the household or the any project you are involved. We really have to communicate as clear as possible to avoid so much noise we get in between.


I had the best experience ever running the Vienna relay Marathon and I wish all the runners this year the best experience ever. Is amazing how supportive are the cheering from the people on the street and also the running partners are amazing. I enjoyed so much the happy running side to side with people you don’t know but is in the way path with different journey. The 5 lessons I had when I ran my first relay marathon will stick with me forever.

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