5 LIFE lessons: my journey with an american wolfdog

If you are already conecting with me either by facebook or instagram you might already know that there is a Wolf dog in my life, yeah…I said W O L F dog, a real, sweet, ears delicious one. Her name is Lowis, the owners of this beauty are a wonderful couple (Sebastian+Prisci)


lows the wolf dog
Photo credit: photoangelo.at

We met couple years ago and we (the american wolf family) clicked since the first time. I have to admit I felt in love with her since then, how can you tell? well, I let her sleep in our bed, lay down on  our expensive alpaka hair blankets, I let her vomit in the carpet and clean without getting stressed or upset…I even pick her poop up! OMG im crazy about that wolfie. When they asked us to babysitter her I was worry on missing her after we give her back…but hell, I was leaving in the future, at the moment I enjoy every moment with her.

Best running partner ever!

Lowis and I ran this morning in good pace, after one hour she was tired and slept almost all morning lol! lazy american wolf…but after that she was ready to continue the day…

I had to go for work, we had a very active morning, we had workers in our new kitchen, my hubby & I had to work and we managed to babysitter her one after the other…by lunch time we were all three together enjoying our first lunch together from our new grill plate 😉

Photo credit: Lowis
Photo credit: Lowis

 After a great week we have spent 24 hours together, what a great company she is. She loves to be cuddle and she is totally fit OMG I mean fit, lots of energy but she knows how to rest also.

lowis and sheap friend

5 life lessons I have learned from Lowis, the Wolfie so far:


LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.- you have a lot of energy in the morning: Oh yeah, cease the day.

lowis and friend


TAKE SHORT NAPS.- After your trained to restore & nourish your body.



DRINK A LOT OF WATER.- Keep yourself hydrated.

take water lowis



TAKE CARE OF YOUR PACK.-  she shows me how important a team is, team work, team love, we all are family…


lowis & sebastian
Lowis and Sebastian

Guys you have no idea how much fun I had and have with this amazing creature, we ran together, we ate together, we slept together. That is a family way, that is a team way. If you want to get in touch with Lowis you can check her Facebook page.

It is not my way or your way but OUR way. Peace and save the Wolves!



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