5 tips that will improve your training

Time passes by and you feel like your training is not giving you what you have expected? You still are struggling with the feeling that something must improve otherwise you will give up? This kind of feelings and thought are around if you are not pretty sure about your training plan. For that check out these 5 tips to improve your training workout routine plan.

1.- One of the tips is that you feel your exercises.- You have to show up with a training attitude, nowadays it is really easy to get distracted by the phone and by the training buddies, making conversation about life and getting updates by training. I would suggest at this moment to drop that and focus in every rep and every set you are performing. If you are able to feel the muscles working, it will be a great value to the routine.

2.- Breath.- Having the correct breathing is a way to go. Pay attention in your breathing. it will give you the power to perform a better technique therefore better training, better body.

3.- Engage core.- How much do you engage the lower abs in order to keep the strength, the breath and the focus? Engage the core before perform a rep because it will not only give you abs but it will make you stronger and balanced.

4.- Technique.- Technique is everything, learn the different techniques and apply what fits to your body type and demand of your training program. It is very important to learn the techniques and of course the more you train the more you find out about them. Learn, adopt, repeat.

5.- Eat wisely.- Nutrition is always a heavy and important key for performance. You want to improve your training, stop eating SAD food. Start adding a more balance diet that will support your needs and goals.

Remember that time is gold, and you spending time in the gym is gold. Go and get it!


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