5 Top fitness trends for 2017

We are in the first month of the year and for some reason we are all geared up and ready to take the fitness challenges that might come in 2017. For that we need some inspiration, some cool tools and wear that motivate us to put ourselves together when in rough times. There are trends that can help in making the fitness journey more fun and effective, there are some trends that are simple marketing. Live Healthily Ever After has selected 5 top fitness trends for this year.


According to the American College of Sports there are:

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY Trackers, smart watches; hat means bring on the apple watch nike + for the Running lovers; heart rate monitors, GPS and smart glasses.

BODYWEIGHT TRAINING is number 2 for the 2017 fitness trends. Well there is no wonder that bodyweight training is in the top 5. It is effective, cost nothing or barely nothing and is available every where and at any time. And of course is beyond push-ups and pull-ups. You can get strong and learn the basic human movements with bodyweight workouts.

HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING This type of training is very popular for those who like to burn fat and are into cardio, their personality is fire. High intensity is easy to perform since no equipment is needed. Also because the time is short, cannot be longer than 30 minutes.

STRENGTH TRAINING is and will be one of the top fitness trends because it has benefits to the health and fitness of the body. Everybody needs to be strong in all areas. Strength training give the body and mind functionality and endurance in life.

YOGAIs a great form to keep your body and mind heathy. Because like strength gives power to the body and mind, flexibility gives freedom to both as well. Free to move and stretch body in mind. There are so many types of yoga practice nowdays, my favorite until now are kundalini yoga and ashtanga yoga.

Another fitness trend that was not mention was the Livestream workouts! One example is Cody, I have been part of the 2017 trend as well! I is fun and a different experience.

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