7-Day Energy makeover with Divadi

[Product Placement] Divadi is a new eco-friendly company that creates vegan shoes and spreads the philosophy of mindful living. I am so happy and proud to be part of its community. Since I met Divadi and heard about its philosophy I felt totally connected of what it means to ME to wear mindful activewear and continue to live a mindful life. So I quick ran into their webpage and signed in for the 7-Day Energy Makeover. Here you can use Divadi’s 3 energy tools to ignite your life and also you can sign in for the 7-Day Energy Makover if it resonates with you as it does with me.

If you wonder what Divadi means as I did, it means keep going, to look forward. Pretty much we as humans want for ourselves and others but we sometimes get caught in the traditional lifestyles, financial demands, professional and educational demands, what about health care and political needs? Well this is why this kind of new companies surge, to remind us humans that we need energy to deliver, because deliver is what is been asked from us in “real world”. Energy comes from within, we can eat it for sure but we need to consciously create it. I became a fan of Divadi shoes and philosophy since the first time I read all the hearthful work they put on to make a difference or better said to brings us back to natural energy with whatever tools we need: Mind, body and spirit.

Besides all this major value, I get to wear the most beautiful design motives shoes ever. I decided to take my magic shoes in my Trip to Mexico and Texas this summer. Never was to comfortable wearing non sport shoes or barefoot shoes. I get to look sassy and feel happy knowing that the shoes help me out every time I walk. Because they are made of -vegan materials and have a signature reflexology insole with a golden “flower of life” on the K1 kidney acupressure point, an area known to release stagnant or blocked energy, and increase the life force.-Divadi


Every season or the beginning of the year, we mostly feel like we need to have an energy reboot, or things are going to heavy in life, our inner wisdom screams to us for an energy reboot ASAP, that is why we adapt new nutritional diets, we sign in for new challenges and adventures in our active living like going crossfitting, boxing or yoga from the first time.  Or we go into deep meditation.

I decided to go for it and focus 7 days of my life in how to reboot my energy. I had a great experience and I would like you to have it as well that is why I am sharing with you how I felt during these days.

These days were meant to practice grounding, feeling, believing, loving, expressing, seeing and knowing. At the end of the week you feel centered and renergized. Need a make over too?

– In collaboration with Divadi



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