8 ways to be fit on a budget this summer

Summer is around the corner and with it are the mini skirts, the free bellies, the pool parties, the grilling parties, the music festivals and more! for some reason you happened to be in a budget to be fit this summerP No worries we have it covered ;).

Here are 8 ways to be fit on a budget this summer:

1.- Take your fav shoes and go out for running.- Running in open air is one favorite mostly in the spring when you get to smell the blossomed flowers and get to see the green leafs from the trees.

2.- If for some reason you are not a runner you also can look for your closest park, free outdoor gym or parkour place. In Vienna there are so many cool training places to have a great bodyweight workout. I remember last summer walking along the Danube River to find that cool calisthenics workout place surrounded by beautiful green… here you can have fresh air and a healthy sporty atmosphere.

3.- Buy season local food.- There are so many local markets that offer a great variety of fruits and veggies. Normally there are cheaper.

4- Remember to drink enough water.- Water is free and healthy. Remember when you are hungry you are mostly thirsty than hungry. Try drinking enough water before and then find out if the hunger is still there or it is gone.

5.- Dance.- Yeah, that is right, let’s get that booty shaking, we raise our temperature and have a great time detoxing and also release the happy hormones. It is free!

6.- Do remember to train the bodyweight basics: push, pull, hinge, carry and you are up for the summer. check out some free training programs that I here  or here put together. You can use them anytime. Be consistent.

7.- Walk and walk and walk.- That’s right use your legs as a way to get to certain places, take your time if need it. Walking will be get your legs tone, the weight in balance and you will make a good thing for the environment.

8.- Bring a friend along.- Having a pack is always a positive effect because you get to get similar experiences and situations. Bringing a friend along will not only be more fun but it will help in getting you to stay in the budget. That’s what mine do when I tend to get to fancy and over the budget limit.

summer budget food

So here were the 8 ways to keep yourself fit on a budget for this summer…because pool parties and friend cocktails will be waiting for you.

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