Austrian alps hiking for ankle mobility

Summer in Austria is beautiful. The green and brown colors from the pine trees and the clear blue sky takes the breath away. Shooting stars and milky way are the best way to finish a summery day at the Austrian alps. Hiking at the alps is a must. Hours of up hill climbing and down hill might be challenging but the prana that you get from the excursion is priceless not to say a great ankle mobility. Some trails make it challenging when you have to hike up hill non stop.


It increases ankle range of motion, builds calves flexibility, strengthens Achilles tendon


Tibialis anterior and posterior, Extensor Hallucis Longus, Gastrocnemius, Plantaris, Soleus, Fibularis Longus, Fibularis Brevis.

-The ankle consists of two joints which permit dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, inversion and exversion of the foot.

Strong ligaments hold the ankle joint in place although it is susceptible to damage.

Muscles controlling movement at the ankle are found in the leg and can be split into anterior, posterior and lateral compartments.

The ankle joint is held in place by numerous strong ligaments, which can be easily damaged when excessive force is placed on the ankle, particularly during strenuous inversion and exversion. Movement at the ankle is key for maintenance of posture and balance but most importantly in locomotion. Variation in muscle activation can control the movement of the ankle joint allowing the foot to generate graduated force.

Hiking ankle mobility 1

Hiking ankle mobility 4

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Sport BH: Nike Leggings: adidas Sneakers: Vivobarefoot


It improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens the leg muscles, it improves ankle mobility.

Hiking is a great cardio endurance workout, so if you have in your training plan core strength training then you will be able to cover hiking in case you grew up in a big city with men made environments like me and never had the opportunity to hike. But…thanks to strength training and yoga practice where downward facing dog pose is a must I was able to hike without dying every summer at the Austrian alps.

I gotta tell you, the first time I arrived to Austria years ago I noticed very quick that hiking is part of the Austrian culture just like winter skiing. I noticed by the outdoor sports wear in the city of Vienna. It is totally normal see 80 percentage of the city carrying sport backpacks and clothes from outdoor brands. It is motivated and made me be open for outdoor activities. I always hike with barefoot shoes and it is a massage for my feet sole and ankles, it might turn challenging but I always come out of it successful.

Hiking is a great way to keep your body in shape and healthy in a regular basis, just keep an eye on your food intake that will support your hard work; body and mind. So do not go crazy every time you reach a Hütte (local restaurant in the mountains) and order to much homemade bread, most (apple cidder) and beer.

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Hiking ankle mobility 8

Hiking ankle mobility 9

Hiking ankle mobility 11


Here is an ankle mobility routine for you in case you are not the hikey one or prefer to keep yourself at your gym or home gym.

Do 3 sets of holding for 5 breath




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