Capoeira is kicking my ass

Since forever I wanted to practice a martial art but for some reason I was not able to start until recently I had time to try out the amazing Brazilian martial art Capoeira. Even though every time I look like monkey trying to catch up with the moves I tell you I love it until now.

The smooth and gracious strength and mobility that go with the music is awesome. I decided to give it a try when I heard after our interview that acrobat coach Yuri Marmerstein was going to Vem Camara Capoeira in Vienna,  I joined the group and had my first capoeira practice. I felt in love with it like that time I took my first  Russian kettlebell. I liked the structure of the class which is pretty cool. It is divided by 4 stages: warm up, fighting dance moves, acrobatics, group dancing and singing section. The agility that one might need has to cope with strength, balance and flexibility. I never felt so thirsty in a workout even when I do Crossfit.

If you are interested like me about martial arts for so long give your self a change and go for what you like the most. Meanwhile, I got together with coach Patrick Canario Moser and asked him for his advice when someone wants to get into this amazing martial art dance.


Here are 7 tips and tricks according to Patrick Canario:

1) Always train the basic steps and techniques: it doesn’t matter how long you are already practicing Capoeira and on which level you are. The basic steps and movements like the ginga and the esquivas have to be practiced all the time! It’s similar to building a house, if your basement isn’t stabil sooner or later everything is going to break down. So keep it simple and train the basics.

2) Prepare your Body: In Capoeira you need all kinds of muscles and it puts your body in different movements and positions you are not used to. So make sure you train your muscles with basic movements just like squats, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.

3) Go up-side-down: In Capoeira you have a lot of twists, jumps, acrobatics…. So start practice handstands against the wall, headstands, cartwheels, some turns and try to get as comfortable as possible in these positions.

4) Play around: Capoeira is a game, so start playing it! It doesn’t matter if you take a training partner or a chair at home to kick over it. Be creative and try to stick some movements together, as soon as you learned 2 movements try to combine it. If you learned 5 movements there are already have possible combinations you can do.

5) Stretch: Of course it’s nothing you have to, but there are a lot of movements which are getting much easier if you are more flexibel. So make sure you stretch your muscles regulary to increase your flexibility.

6) Be consistent: Train regulary, doesn’t matter if you practice your basic steps, acrobatics, musics, instruments etc. Be consistent! Of course more is better but, it’s better to train 2 times a week but regularly than to be there everyday for 1 month and take a break of 3 weeks.

7) Play at the Roda: Roda is a circle where Capoeira is practiced, If you have the chance to join a Roda, do it! Don’t be shy or think you are not advanced enough for it, it’s the best place to learn, by far.

Wait for more of Capoeira monkey looks from my side because even though it is kicking my ass I have to say it I am loving it.

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