Chronicle of a #HandstandDay foretold

Handstand practitioners all around the world celebrated yesterday the #HandstandDay by posting their handstands in social media. This motivated me to write about a Chronicle of a Handstand in Vienna foretold. Yuval on Hands has been in Vienna for two years in a row and he is coming back to Vienna at the end of the year to teach, guide and correct our Handstands.

Handstands in Vienna is divided in two. Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced. The beginner version happens in the morning of the two days Handstands workshop and consists of providing a solid base and tools for a better handstand. The group get the preps, alignment, balance strategies and much more. Meanwhile the Intermediate/advanced takes place in the afternoons and it is meant for people that is on Hands most of the time; here the group gets to know about alignment, variations, presses, one arm handstands.

For those who still do not know Yuval Ayalon, let me tell you he is not only an awesome performing artist, acrobat, handbalancer, teacher but  great human been, family man, professional and ethic human been.

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 1


Hanstands in Vienna powered by lilettes 1

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 2

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 3

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 4

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 5

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 6

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 7

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 9

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 8

Yuval Ayalon Handstands in Vienna 10


You want to jump in to the handstand world and join the celebration of the #HandstandDay? Sign in for the coming workshop in Vienna here. And, join us for another great weekend of standing on our hands, seen the world with another perspective, enjoying delicious and nutritional cold pressed juices from Lilette’s, smiley faces and great handstand teachings.


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  • Great workshop and teacher, Yuval is amazing! I tried handstands before during yoga class, could however never understand it as well as Yuval teaches if. So many things to learn from him apart from the technique: his motivation never to give up, the sense of humor in all situations, his regular practice every day to perfect his handstand and explore further. Highly recommended!

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