Cossack squat: Best hip mobility ever

When your training call for hip mobility; you are ready to hit some hip extensions, some hinges and squats but you find out you need to work in your mobility to get that training going and progressing.  Cossack squat is the best drill for hip mobility.

Flexi Friday brings you the cossack squat. The cossack squat is a very powerful exercise to use if you want to increase your mobility in your lower limbs. It is not only a strong move but it will build strength in your hip, knees and ankle joints. I use this exercise as my basic mobility routine before having a strength training program or before my crossfit WOD. Fighters should be aware of this great exercise to develop dynamic mobility in the hips.






Begin with a wide stance.

Keep the leg you are squatting over aligned from hip to knee and down to the foot.

Keep the foot flat on the side.

Point your other toe upward with the heel down, rotate at the hip so your knee is pointing straight up.

Sit down into your hips, keep your back flat and don’t let it round at the bottom.

Push up to standing through the planted foot, distributing the weight evenly.




Hip opener

Stretches hamstrings and hips

strengthes core

improve balance


3x 7-10 repetitions each leg

Incorporate cossack squat to your hip mobility session every time  you prepare for training. This routine will strengthen your hip muscles and will improve your flexibility for your squats and deadlifts…and kicks! You will find it in your kick boxing training.

Cossack squat is a great mobility drill against dormant butt syndrome which you get by sitting long periods of time like working in front of the computer or driving. Use it when you take a break, it will help you to clear your mind as well. If you need to use your hand to perform it, do it.

Remember healthy hips, heavy weight and better kicks. Do not forget to let me know how was your routine.

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