If I remember correctly, the crow pose / frog stance was the first arm balance I wanted to learn when I started to practice yoga. I used to play around and test my strength and balance after an upper body strength training or in the old days when I did some crossfit gymnastics. Those were the days were I spent understanding this move, pose, drill or how you would like to call it. It is easy to learn and build a crow pose or frog stance if you start with a strong foundation. In this blogpost it will be giving several moves you can work on for a consistence period of time and you will be mastering this one and then it will open the door of possibilities for progressions as handstand. Who does not want to go this direction, right?

Ok, what you would like to know about this drill: You will need to build strength in the core and arms. So we will start building these 2. To build a strong core you can use resistance bands to help you out in knowing which muscles should be challenge. Check out my last movement challenge: Strong Asana. There is one day dedicated to core work which you can add to your crow pose/ frog stance foundation. Below you also will have a sequence of drills for you to get used to using your core for the crow pose.

To build strength in the arms and also getting used to have your head under your heart or in an inverted position, the push-up variation the pike is the chosen one. With all said, let’s move to the drills.

FROG STANCE: Shoulder and core strength


The pike push up is a variation that put an extra stretch in your hamstrings, it focuses more on the shoulders and triceps and it works the upper chest or pectoral in the clavicular part. Start in all four, wrists, elbows, shoulders aligned and legs parallel to the floor, from here go to downward facing dog.

Prepare to go down by bending your elbows and bring your head to the floor. Repeat this move 10-15 times, rest up to one minute and repeat 4 more times.


From a squat position, place your hands on the floor close to your feet. Place your knees on your biceps or arm pits. Press your knees to your arm and do not let them go.

When your knees are pressing your biceps, move forward and look forward to balance your body and when you are ready, lift one foot and then the other. Repeat several times. I would suggest 15x each leg. Repeat this 3 times.

When you are ready to take the next step and lift the second foot up and balance for 8 breathes. Repeat 5 times.

Tip: Keep your shoulder blades protracted and press your knees at all time again your forearms.

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Photos and Video: Markus Haas

Practice these moves for an enough period of time to see results.You can program yourself for a 3 times a week or daily. Here is a quick overview.


Pike push-ups 4 sets of 10-15x

If it is to hard on your hamstrings look for a variation and do them elevated, choose a bench.

Frog Stance drill 1 3 sets of 15x each leg

Frog Stance hold 3 sets of 8 breathe hold

Enjoy the journey, smile and no time you will be the queen/king of crow pose.

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