DIY Shampoo & Conditioner

DIY.jpgSince I live in Vienna, I haven’t found the right shampoo or conditioner for my hair.

I used to have organic shampoo & conditioner back in my home country and I brought them whenever I traveled around the globe. But here, seriously… It seems I was not able to find the right one, even though I looked everywhere, organic stores, expensive stores, hair stylish salons, I was never satisfy with the Inhalt (ingredients) so I stopped and decided to start DIY beauty stuff…so today I mixed 3 simple ingredients to make my DIY shampoo & conditioner 😉 because you know, having long hair, you have to have it clean, shiny & beautiful, and my was going the opposite, dry ends, oily scalp and oily, heavy feeling. I was getting desperate watching my scalp develop extra oil which is not very sexy and feeling thick yaky stuff on it.

shampooSo I decided to do some research on my natural beauty books and online to see which shampoo & conditioner will be appropiate for me. And saying for me it means easy, practical, fast, meaning less than 5 ingredients, and less that 30 minutes preparation hihi, yeap, not a very patience person, and maybe just a normal city type of girl…

To get the ingredients for my DYI shampoo & conditioner formula I went to my fav organic store in Vienna I went thru several local brands for the apple ciber vinegar & common brand for the baking soda.

I have to tell you I was surprise in how cheap my DYI shampoo & conditioner were, OMG! loved it, and my pocket loved it also 😉

After shopping I ran home to start preparing the mix for my long curly black hair, I had to wait a bit for my hubby to finish in the kitchen so I start feeling like those chemistry guys in the lab hihi.

So here is the most simple, organic, basic formula:



what you need:

  • 1 500g bottle ( you can recicle your fav from past hair shampoo & conditioner
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • water to fill up the bottle

mix ingredients and taran!!!!



  • 100ml spray water bottle
  • water
  • organic apple cider vinegar

mix half water and half organic apple cider vinegar and voilá!

Enjoy your DYI shampoo & conditioner, please keep me post in how you are doing with your own natural beauty, until then peace!

P.S. secret: if you like specific aroma, you can add a drop of your fav essencial oil 😉 I chose Sandal this time lets see how it works out.




    • Hey! I just love having natural DIY stuff hanging around the house, gardening & planting love I believe what all is about… thxs fot the link I will check out for sure! 🙂 and rosemary & peppermint are aromas that make our surroundings & intakes totally energetic.

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