“Do not try, DO”

Don’t try Do was the first phrase I had to learn when I started taking care of my body health.

Having a fitness coach who has a mixture of Pai-Mai with Yoda way of training. I have to say, “it worked”. With tears of pain & joy I did it and never tried it.

It took me days of doing, in what I wanted to live, to accomplished. I tell you, going alone to the training room and wearing a funky unsexy heavy vest, was a little hard on my ego. Hey! But you have to do what you have to do. Nobody is going to care about you more than yourself. So I continued to DO what I had to do. At the end of the journey the results were showing & I was feeling lighter, sexier & healthier. Energy flowing here & there.

And what it takes to DO it and stop trying? Well, it takes:


1.- Courage
2.- Self-trust
5.-Having fun with it

Next time you want to do something, take in account these 5 and see how you feel afterwards. For sure have a better feeling that when you started 😉

Happy DOING!

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