6 Energy Robbers that you might have overseen

Do you feel like you need to take a nap or take some stimulants to keep going thru the day? Need extra help accomplishing the daily life demands?

We are so into our stuff; work, family, social groups, we go from one event to another, meeting people, finishing business projects and most of the time we forget to observe what is going on inside and outside ourselves and notice what is going in our environment; we might read the daily newspaper, talk about politics or entertainment, but I mean, do we really get how strong our surroundings can impact and influence our beens in such a deep level that could make us directly unhealthy or healthy?


I selected these 6 Energy Robbers, which I consider are able to mess up with our way of healthy living:

1.- Unclean Body (inside & out)


Whenever I am depressed or unmotivated I realized I have not even looked my face or my body in the mirror. I mean, I am a woman, I am supposed to check me out every time I pass by a mirror, right?.  Well if you are the type of person like me who have cycle depression hidden somewhere, here is a very useful pointer that must identify & fix the behavior before it becomes a habit.


One way to create our happy HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is by checking us out time to time how are we treating our body

Are we paying attention? WHAT IS HE TELLING (a lovely joke between my hubby & I, we adopted this cute expression back from our trip to India, we just loved how this culture expresses in the south, moving graciously the head for saying yes or no, which drove me crazy -been a limited patient person-, so we always say when we don’t understand a comment: what are you telling??…with a indian accent moving our heads left & right, 🙂 ) ok, back to the steeler guys…


When we are DISPASSIONATE about life, about our surroundings, we act like nothing is important anymore, something has happened and has affected us that we change our behaviors and we start to create low energy habits like unbalance eating.


2.- Impure Water


Sometimes we see polluted water far away from us, we forgive that what affects for example in Japan back in WWII with Hiroshima & Nagasaki and not to long ago in Fukushima also affect us directly. We are all connected and we all are affected by what goes into our water if we believe it or not. So the best we can do is purify what we drink. Most of the time we rely on the big companies/government to do so. By now we can at least be aware of the source & quality of our water and change maybe to filters, machines that can make our water better to drink (alkaline), even if you feel more adventures like a couple I now, go out and look for your spring water, they do it almost daily, by bike, to pick up the beautiful water coming out from earth.


3.- Impure Air


If you live or have lived in a big city, you know what I am talking about, you can easily recognized how the pollution makes your eyes red, makes your nose itchy. Going out of the city or taking a hike to your closest green zone, it is the best you can do to your lungs, skin & eyes.


4.- Inadequate rest


Those hours when we get not enough sleep for different reasons, could be working late, staying late for carry about your babies or other family members, staying out to late because you are in love or maybe because you are a party animal. For any reason, messing your natural timing for your body to take a rest could be very hard on your nervous system, makes you less focus, more clumsy and the probabilities of having an accident increases. You just not have enough energy for optimal function.


5.- Lack of movement

Lack of movement brought me the benefit of having no energy at all, I remember those days when I did not move my body, I was even more unmotivated and always refused to make the smallest effort to be active, I remember, I used the car just to go to the shop around the corner! (oops). I know how it is to feel with less energy and also happens every time I chose a sedentary way, my energy drops totally when I have to work on the blog and be seated for hours in front of the computer.


6.- Toxic relationships


Well, toxic relationships are pretty straight forward. Those are people who treats us certain way and do not match our Idea of a healthy relationship. But, what if these toxic relations are family or coworkers? And we cannot just walk away from them. Then, we have a bigger challenge and it is to practice daily habits like acceptance, observation, self-worth, tolerance, compassion, to mention some, which for sure will have the power to switch from toxic to healthy in the way we relate with others.


Next time you confront these Energy Robbers, remember: you have the option to CREATE your environment & social surroundings, and if you fail to do so, create again and again,  soon to see a healthier way of living and to see that an awesome lifestyle has started.


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