Evo Fitness: Happy Feet Mobility Routine

The reason why happy feet mobility routine was created, is because I hurt my big toe and second toe while learning a capoeira acrobatic move called Au batido. This injury lasted 6 months and still it is not total recovered.

This happy feet routine is part of my DAILY FEET/ ANKLE REHAB to recover the MOBILITY ane STRENGTH not only in my ankle joint but my over all lower body. It has helped to decrease pain and it has built stability and balance to my single leg variation in my trainings.

Doing mobility training at my favourite fitness club is a plus because I can be creative in the mobility zone room and at the performance room where I can train my ankle stability with the slack line and the barbells. The playground is where I can condition my feet by jumping and challenging my strength in different ways.



The importance of having happy healthy feet will affect our gait, our stability and the other parts of the equation. The feet anatomy is made to take the body over different surfaces, move freely and strong.

I would like to quote Movement specialist Amir Zandinejad on Mobility Training:

“Mobility is training. Utilizing a systematic approach to expand ranges of motion and increase resiliency in tissue
Movement is an expression of the mobility we already have. This can be more of a flow, or certain exercises performed without utilizing mobility concepts
In order to achieve high levels of strength and control, the practice must be treated as a training session, with training level intensity. Can you become more mobile than you were before by just integrating movement practices, absolutely, but if you want to take the next step in functionality and resiliency, movement by itself is not the answer
There are people with great movement quality who might only incorporate movement practices. Though the majority of these people have done this their entire life. They haven’t gone long periods of time without movement. For others, like myself in the past, have allowed this society to dictate our ability as athletes. Prolonged sitting, commuting, sedentary jobs, aesthetics training and other dysfunctional training forms, has wreaked havoc on our bodies, which were so able at a younger age. For us, we must undo the fuckery we have placed on our body. And for those who have not lost their ability, they can still greatly enhance their capacity if they incorporate mobility training
So obviously mobility training is incredibly important for everyone. Though this does not mean a movement practice is not. As humans, play is important for our health, both physically and mentally. A creative exploration in our practice is also key. Let’s not forget we’re creatures on planet earth – we should move, play, and explore
Like many things, it is not black or white. We need to incorporate both mobility training and play/exploration” – Amir


1) use wide shoes and avoid high heels daily.

2) spread your toes and move them all ways in a daily basis

3) strengthen your feet by a weekly routine.

4) be as barefoot as possible.

5) massage your feet daily. Create a morning and evening quick routine to massage your feet.

When was the last time you paid attention to your feet and ankles?



1) lift your toes and then lift your heels for 15x.

2) walk on your toes to switch to walk on your heels for 15x walk as far as you can in both ways.

3) with your toes pull the cloth you have close to you, repeat 3x each foot.

4) with your toes pick up and lift the cloth, repeat each foot 3x

Do it daily for results! It won’t take more than 15mins 😉

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