Finding your True North

The other day I had a real talk with a great coach and friend, we talked about finding our true north. We have concluded that our previous experiences guided us to where we stand now. So many questions emerged on the way, so many should’s and must’s were present. What must be right, what should be followed.

Finding your path and your true values come from life experiences, joyful and painful. Knowing who you are and how you function in body and mind is a powerful key, the secret key to success I must say. But how are we sure we have found our true north? or Where to look at?


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  1. If money was no object, how would you spend your time? What would your day look like?
  2. Fill in the blank: My life is a quest for _______. What motivates you? Money? Love? Acceptance?
  3. What would others say is your biggest asset? What would they say is your biggest flaw? Be honest.
  4. What skills do people frequently compliment you on? These may not be what you think you’re best at.
  5. What do you think you were put on this earth to learn? What were you put here to teach?
  6. List the five people you interact with most frequently (not necessarily friends). How is each helping you to reach your goals (or not)?
  7. If yourself from ten years ago met you today, would he/she be impressed with where you’ve gotten? Why or why not?
  8. Think about your talents, passions, and values. How can you use them to serve and contribute to society?
  9. What price would you take to give up on your dreams? What price would you be willing to pay to achieve them?
  10. Now that you’ve answered these questions, what is your action plan? What steps will you take today?


Another topic I would like to approach is how much our energy level influences if we follow or not our true north. We know when we lack of energy and we either attend this symptom or we ignore it until the body or an event makes us realize we have to take care of it.

How is my energy builder doing? Check out this test and talk to your closest coach about how to build an optimum system that will keep and create your energy to support your life and performance. You can also contact Richard Staudner for support.


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