FitMonday: Hips

Today’s #fitMonday is all about the hips! Because hips don’t lie I found the right moment to check our hips out. I mean our hips are full with power. We use them for almost everything, to pull, to throw, to hit, to make love…to backbend.

The chosen exercises are the turkish get up, the squat and the pistol.


The turkish get up was one of my first exercises ever. I loved it since the first time I learned it. It looks easy but it takes a lot of body and mind stability if you know what I mean. What I get the most of this one is actually my level of concentration! I get so focused and concentrated that makes me be in the moment. One of the secrets to perform the turkish get up is to keep your hips opened. It definitely teaches you to open your hip and makes it stronger. So add this amazing exercise to your training program.

turkish get up


The squat has gained its reputation on building a nice booty now days, but I use it more for legs building. Either way it makes your hips stronger. There are so many variations that you can enjoy performing; air squats, jump squats, split squats, and so on. Today we will talk about back squat. The back squat is a great exercise to keep your legs strong at any need. Last year was my year of squats, I loved it, I went my way up to almost my double weight. One thing I want to share as well is that you have to hear your body, without been a pussy. For that I know you need practice. So be wise in doing heavy squat and not end up injured in your psoas, knees or any hip flexor.

back squat angie fliehser


Before you start to say I cannot do pistols let me tell you they help you to develop balance and stability, again you need focus and concentration to get there. Even though some will say flexibility combine with strong legs is needed. I have to say it is true, if you need to cultivate these qualities for your daily life I suggest you start getting this sexy exercise. And I say sexy because let’s face it any man or woman who performs pistols at your gym or box are somehow attractive. Anyway, I do not want to divert myself from the topic. The pistol will keep your lower back and hip mobil and healthy.




Breath what in yoga is called Pranayama

Focus what in yoga is called Dristi

Use your core power what in yoga is called Bandhas

Let me know in the comments how was your workout after applying this tips.

So why today’s #fitMonday is all about the hips? Because hips don’t lie when we use them in daily life. You remember them when you have to pull, to throw, to hit, to backbend and more important: to make love.


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