Fitness freebies

Because the pressure of showing more skin is around the corner I thought It would be a good idea to have some fitness freebies for you!

I always write down what I actively do and eat in order to be more conscious and be more responsible about my actions because true is I tend to go overboard in my eating and my sedentary behavior. Tracking how we behave is crucial to observe, I say observe, our rituals. Because rituals are everything in life. It predicts our outcome. The more we do it the more because a strong have and then a law difficult to break. Been aware of how we eat, in what moment, even the time is crucial if we want positive results in our fitness and health.


Here are some reasons why you should keep track of your food and workouts:

It puts you into perspective.- You see the big picture and see the effort and the work you put on reaching your goals.

You have a clear idea if what you have set in the first place is still your goal.- Looking in what you eat and train gives you the time to learn, adapt and re do.

You actually start to do what you wish.- You cross the line between dreaming, wanting to actually doing.

Develop discipline.- You start to make choices that support your fitness and health goal.

These reasons moved me to work in the computer and create these simple cutie logs for you to get you closer to your goals. Here are the logs, enjoy them and most use them!.


Food diary log

Fitness log

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