Fitness Home Routine: My favorite workouts

When it comes to stay fit in the days where weather can play against us, and we are to cold or a bit to lazy to step out and go to the gym. I get you! I’m like that, lately I’ve been busy in front of the computer preparing the online 40 day to fit fitness program which starts this Monday, so you can imagine me typing so fast and crazy like the cat from the gif that is around in giphy. For the past weeks I had to stay at home and do my fitness routine mostly in the kitchen. I do pull and push, squats and deadlifts to keep my body fit and balance the holiday fest. Ok, to be honest I have holiday fest almost all year long. My favorite fitness workouts are normally supersets and circuits. They are easy, effective and no time consuming. You will see a lot of them if you sign up for the fitness program.


STRENGTH TRAINING: Since it is a home routine I always choose for the upper body: arms, chest, shoulders and back a superset of pull and push. We have a pull-up bar in one door and a rope where I can pull horizontal and vertical. For the push I do push-ups and dips, either in between table and the integral kitchen or I do bench dips. Since I need to save as much time as possible I do supersets in a circuit.

Fo the lower body I do the same, I choose squats and deadlifts, normally singles to make it more challenging and I also include lunge variations. Lately, because I found a resistance band I try to make it less easy as possible. I do hip thrusters and cossack squats also in a superset.

WORKOUT 1: Strength training here

Video here

CARDIO: My favorite workout routine for home is jump rope. Skipping rope is something that I did not do very often when I was a kid, so I learned it basically when I started crossfit. Yes, I still cannot do a martial art skipping yet. But soon. The first time I took a boxing class I had to double under  the whole 20 minutes of only warm up! I laughed so much afterwards, that is what happens when you switch a crossfitter to a boxer or a yogi to a weight lifting class. Or a gymnast to a capoeira practice. Fun stuff will come out.

WORKOUT 2: Cardio here

Video here

FLEXIBILITY: You know already what my favorite flexibility routine is, right? Yes it is yoga. I do a lot of yoga for my hip and scapula mobility when I am a lot in the same position even when I type in the computer standing up. I still need a lot of hip opening and chest opening. My favorite is restorative or yin yoga. But when I am in a hurry I do Sun Salutations A and B. Then I come back to work or cook.

 ROUTINE 1: Flexibility here

Video here

It is a great selection of home workouts and routines for your fitness goals. Remember to keep it constant and balance. What are your favorite home fitness routines? How often do you do them? Do you have any goal with this workouts? build strength, keep it, loose weight or only tone up? I would love to hear. Happy training!

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