The big fuss about a metabolic circuit workout training, bodyweight or weighted, is that the body will burn fat and calories during and after the fitness routine. Most of the fat loss programs will include a metabolic circuit workout to reach the goal wanted. I use this fitness routine when I do not have any longer  a strength training plan or when I am in a place where kettlebells or barbells are not available.

A metabolic circuit workout is made of 7 to 10 compound exercises that have little rest between sets, a metabolic circuit workout is great because it raises the metabolic rate, improves the cardiovascular capacity and improves the hormones. It depends how the sets are made but basically a metabolic circuit workout is used for fat loss and calorie burn. The best of it, is that after having this training your body will continue to burn calories according to the researches. Just to give you an idea, crossfit is a type of metabolic circuit training a bit extreme but it is.


Alternate lunges are known for strengthen the glutes, the quadriceps and the hamstrings muscles. So think of a strong booty and legs. They are easy to perform even though sometimes it requires balance and concentration. The calves, the back and abs also take part in this movement as stabilizers.


I just love the windmill plank and push-ups. This movement is great for the whole body, the warm up and strength of the wrists and shoulders, plus the chest, obliques, quads and glutes work as well. You tight everything up and this movement it’s easier.


I am not a fan of wide push-up, I am more the elbows close to the torso kind of gal, thanks to the yoga push-up called chaturanga dandasana. But it is always great to learn and put your body in different challenges and movements to make it healthier and stronger.


As I said before, I learned the flutter kicks in my thai boxing class when we warm up for the training. They are good for your core, the back and the abdominal have a workout with this ones.


Single leg deadlift were the first deadlift I made before double kettlebell deadlift. They are great for strength and balance, you have moment of meditation when you go down and up. This movement is great when you have no equipment and want to have a great bodyweight workout fitness routine.


(Arms + Core)

20 MIN
5x pushups
10x alternate lunges (5x each leg)
5x windmill push-ups
5x wide hands push-up
10x flutter kicks
5x close hands push-ups
10x single leg deadlift


Let me know if this bodyweight circuit workout has help you with your fitness routine. This is a fabulous workout when you need to travel and you have no sport clothes to go down to the hotel gym or you are at home and do not feel like dressing up to go to your fitness studio. With this metabolic circuit workout you are done in 20 minutes.

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