Fitness routine: Floor press (chest and arms)

This fitness routine certainly will bring a great complement for those workouts of  pull ups, dips and push ups that we have talked before. The floor press is great for the chest, arms and shoulders. If you wonder what is the difference between bench press and floor press. It is basically the motion amplitude. Add floor press to your fitness routine and you will see an increase in your bench press. Today I was chatting at home and enjoying a cup of tea with personal trainer Stefan Löffler and, floor press exercise come up to our variety of topics conversation. Since I am posting today the floor press exercise as an option for your fitness workout routine or training plan, I went ahead and asked him couple questions that he cleared up for me.


The floor press is the original horizontal press, it is shoulder and spine friendly when performed with straight legs on the floor. When you train floor press in your fitness routine you get strong in your sticking point. The sticking point is about force, acceleration/decelaration and speed.

If you are weak at the elbow joint, this exercise will help you to get stronger.


Doing a Dumbbell or Kettlebell close grip floor press will fire up more your nervous system. With a floor press close grip, you will activate tension in the body.

Kettlebell floor press is the best chest exercise, according to PT Löffler; if you do it right by fixing your shoulder when pressing and the shoulder stays connected to the chest it will train the inner part of the chest because the kettlebell hangs outside of the wrist, that creates more tension at the end of the motion. Unlike, a barbell or dumbell is over when the hand is above the shoulder; with kettlebells you would activate the inner side of the chest, a spot that is difficult to train and pump.

A close grip or neural grip floor press will activate more the back of the arms (triceps) because it won’t have a good leverage at the chest. Although, if you fix the shoulders, then the chest will be worked.


Chest, arms and shoulders

(Pectoralis, triceps, deltoids)



Photos: Markus Haas


Single arm floor press is more difficult, according to researches, a single arm floor press will work much more on your muscles. Actually, with any single movement, either floor press or single deadlift, pistols to mention some, the brain have a higher activation of moving muscles.

Again, in the long term you get stronger. By performing single motions you have to balance the unbalance strength in your limbs.



Kettlebells or dumbells will work for you if singles with a higher activation in the core.



(means you will pair up exercise #1 and #2 with no rest, when you complete both, rest for 1 minute and repeat for 2 more rounds)

3 set of 10-15 repetitions

Exercise #1

Double Dumbbell floor press

Exercise #2

Single arm Dumbbell floor press


(Pair up exercise #3 and #4 with no rest, when you complete both, rest for 1 minute and repeat for 2 more rounds)

Exercise #3

One Arm Dumbbell Free Standing Rows

Exercise #4



Open the shoulders, pre stretch before pressing, one option is to do the bridge like in bench press for chest training.

Females will train special sets and repetitions to keep a strong and beautiful cleavage.


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