Fitness tips: 6 Upper Body Moves for Strength at Malu Sportclub

Upper body moves to strengthen the front and back of your upper body and…core!


In Downward Facing Dog you are stretching from the back of
the heels, the hamstrings, lower back, all the way through the spine, and neck.This is also known as the Life nerve. Downward facing dog is a foundational pose of yoga. It is part of any vinyasa sequence and it will use often as transition from pose to pose.


Start in all four and build the pose from there. Observe and check that you lift your knees out of the floor. Engage your core, suck in the belly to create space around the lower abdominals and lengthen the pose. Push away from the floor with your hands, and extend your elbows. If your body happens to be hyper flexible/mobil on your upper spine, think to keep it neutral. In the other case, think of opening the chest, place chin to chest and look to your belly.

Tight hamstrings will keep your heels aways from touching the floor, do not get stress or upset. Bend your knees a little in order to always keep your spine neutral. Breathe!


Working on handstands hold to build strength and build the habit to be upside down. The upper body and the wrists will take all the body weight even though you have the wall as support. Besides, let’s be honest we like to feel cool and be proud of our accomplishments. Kicking up to handstand will an alternative if you lack of space and cannot go to the gym.


Rope climbing better than regular chin ups? well yes and no, rope climb is a challenging way to perform some pull-ups for some people but for some is piece of cake. What is important from performing time to time, unless you are into any spartan race, is that you definitely will build some grip strength and upper body.


Passive and active hang will prepare you for handstands, also practicing it often will promote the spine health, even the hips. Hang more often and have fun with it.

Studio: Malu Sportclub


The tripod stand and its variations is quick to master if you invest some easy time with them. It depends from which point of style view you use it. Can be acrobatics or can be yoga. The important reason is that you use it, it is also a preparation to more inversion variations like handstand.

There is no need of fancy machines to build a strong upper body. What it needs is showing up and be constant with what you want. Unless you are a body builder athlete or a crossfit games competitor or you planning to compete in all the crazy races out there I suggest you follow up with minimal gadgets and do the work. In case you want to look athletic and you do not see why you don’t, then check out in details your nutritional considerations before blaming the training, exercises or drills you have worked so hard and spent time in the close or open gym.

So there you go my 6 favourite upper body moves to strengthen the front and back of your upper body and…core!

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