Fitness tips: Books that changed my lifestyle

I love books, before I became an active living freak I used to go to the book store and look for the latest book, mostly on wellness, and I was always leaving the shop with at least 2 books in my hand and an empty pocket. My favorite place to read books was my old couch, the beach and a cozy coffee shop that is around the corner where I used to live in Mexico. Since then, I am not able to finish a book properly, I have no time but I have so much ambitious.

 Currently I am reading 4 books simultaneously 2 hardcover and the other 2 in kindle. Yes I know, how can I but I’m willing tofinish them in the summer time when I am away in the Mexican Caribbean. The books are about Health and Fitness of course. One is about Yin Yoga, the other is the latest book from Robb Wolf called wired to eat. And the last 2 are about Fat loss and Optimal Movement from Dan John and Gray cook.


There are several books that have changed the way I see and approach Wellness and Fitness and I have made them my personal bible. There are books that have impacted the way I live, I eat and I train and there are books that have given me the motivation to continue this life journey.


The book of secrets was the last book I read from Osho, I read almost every book  from Osho that I found in the book store back in the days. This book was a great soul discovering and opening. I remember I went into meditative state every paragraph I read. It took me a year to finish it. I started to practice meditation in different techniques and I was open to listen what this book had to say.

If you like to get deep into your soul and observe what kind of feeling arise while reading this book then get yourself a copy.


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This book changed completely the way I see food. After reading David’s Wolfe words about life, passion, intention, energy, magic, purpose. I found myself in a different way to approach food and see it not only as to silence the noise and feeling I get when it is time to eat but to really be conscious about what and why I put in my mouth. This book is an eye opening and would give you the answers to you why should I care about my nutrition. You do not need to be raw foodist or vegan, I am not and I still benefit from it.


This book is a novel and it turned my university years around. I was trying to get prepare for the future in my studying days. Sometimes I cared more about socializing and been part of a group than understanding all the books I had to read for my international relations bachelor studies. This book was an assignment from my contemporary literature class and I had to read it and make an essay about it. It changed my life. I got so close to the characters and the way the author was sharing that I felt in love with it. If you are into self believes discovering thru others this is a great one.


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Love this audio book, Tony Robbins gives the right information with exercises and examples to get you to your edge. I learned from him to be alkalined and  energized to set myself ready for the day challenges. A habit that I still follow.

These books, e-books and audio books certainly change the way I perceive life. To add the books from Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vipassana meditation and of course the books about kettlebell, easy strength, flexibility, stretching molded what I do and keep me amaze about human mind, been and body.

Which books have changed the way you perceive life?

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