Fitness tips: How to make your strength training routine

After been a couple weeks away, I come back with a very important topic that I want to share with you. There are millions of workouts, routines and program that can benefit your fitness and health. Strength training is one that I always choose over all. Here are the Live Healthily Ever After fitness tips for you to put together a solid strength training program to gain not only strength but muscles.


So, how do you start your training when you go to your gym or you step into your yoga or fitness mat? Your program must follow the warm up; starting with the general warm up to end up with your specific moves. Let your moves be dynamic, keep a mobility flow to prepare the joint muscles you will be working on.


Foundation of your strength training routine will always include the basic human movements: The squat, the hinge, the push, the pull and the carry. Keep this in mind. Create your routine according to your lifestyle and fitness goals. You can work on your total body one day or divide your upper body from the lower body including the core in the equation. Yo can make it your fitness routine for 15 to 120 minutes. It is up to you and your fitness goals. Select wise and remember to include exercises for each movement.


Core is so important for every athlete, yoga practitioner and fitness enthusiasts. Take care of the stability and rotation of your core.  According to an article written by Brad Schoenfeld and Bret Contreras, the core can be trained for multiple purposes including activating muscles and correcting dysfunction, increasing different types of stability, and/or developing muscular strength, power, and endurance.

Core stability (CS) refers to musculature control around the lumbo-pelvic region, with the aim of maintaining functional stability in a neutral position and assisting in the generation and transfer of energy from the trunk to the extremities- Akuthota and Nadler


Think of balance training when you do pistol squats, single deadlifts, step ups, bilateral and unilateral exercises can be include in your next strength training routine. A whole book was dedicated in my strength coach certification, where dynamic, static, isolated movements can be part of a great program to get the athlete or any person who works out and is looking for a optimum health and fitness.

Functional balance and sensorimotor training are sometimes included in an athletic training program to improve proprioception and coordination.

So here they are the fitness tips, think about the 5 elements we talked about in your next visit to the gym. Program, foundation, core and balance in for your strength training routine.

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