Fitness tips: How to workout properly in a fitness studio

Last Sunday I went out for a girl night out workout in one of the most known fitness studios in Vienna. To be honest I feel a bit stress out when I don’t see a proper rack or decent pair of kettlebells every time I visit a fitness club. As small as my body is, my aura needs space and freedom to perform. At the end as always I ditch my planned workout training and had to come up with one that will give my body a decent training.


So first step is to observe where and what. Normally fitness studios have a cardio room, lots of treadmills and also a place with machines for “building muscles”, some small barbells and free weights for the curls performance that most visitors use. They might have a space with a mat floor where normally visitors and trainers use it to perform crunches…

When you have check out the space and the tools you now can choose the gears you will be using for your fitness workout routine.

If you want to do a strength training workout, choose the squat rack, or a free barbell.

Find a pull-up bar and a dip bar. Avoid assisted machines. Better progress with your bodyweight.

If there are not pairs of same kettlebell weights use heavy singles to perform squats, deadlifts, swings, cleans and so.

Ignore everything else and concentrate in your workout. Ignore looks from the other visitors, believe me you are doing great with your strength training plan.


After you have chosen your training space and your training weights. Start to workout.

Concentrate and focused.

Take your own music if you like to train with music.

If you need to share space do not get distracted with someone else’s workout.

Even if you feel disoriented, stick to your sets and repetitions from your fitness  workout routine plan.

Stay in the dumbbells, kettlebells, free weights room, those are your friends.


Upper body Superset

AMRAP (As many repetitions as possible) Chin-ups/ dips

Lower Body Circuit


10x Goblet Squat 16-24 kg

25x Kettlebell swings 16-24 kg

10x Single deadlift 16kg-24 kg

 So when you are in a fitness studio, you can still get a great strength workout training routine for your fitness. Remember, stay away from bullshit gear and be close to your best friends, the pull-up bar, the free weights, barbell and of course the kettlebells.

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