Fitness tips: Learn how to manage frustration 

This blogpost is taking me longer than any blogpost I have ever written. My goal here is to be as simple and to the point as possible to understand the levels of frustration and share how they can manage in a second of a minute.

I like to start with the definition of frustration:  a feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something (I would like to say we just do not accept the current moment) : the state of being frustrated by Merriam Webster Dictionary.

This feeling of anger or annoyance is because we want to change something, we do not observe, we judge, we do not accept. There is a definition that I learnt when I was a teen and it describes very clear what happens in us when we are frustrated. When we judge, we make an intellectual-emotional effort in the pursuit of changing what already is. This feeling starts to rule our way we behave and has an impact in our outcome.


So here is the recipe in how to manage frustration, as a recipe, you need to get right the ingredients to have a tasty successful outcome.


When you observe what is driving you, you take your personal power again. It is important to observe what you really want and want you really are doing.


Take action and move on. I know how painful can be when you have tried several times with no success but believe me, it will come, maybe no exactly how you expect it but it will because you are working towards your goals.

One of the tools you will need is to pay attention and decide what to think and feel. This is the most powerful tool you will have to accomplish any thing you want. It is more simple than you think.

When you feel paying attention is not enough and you just cannot decide how to think and how to do, then breath deeply at least 10 times.

Shake it, yes, shake it out. Drop it for a moment step out of the space where frustration is happening and come back with a new attitude. One tool that I learned when I was a kid it is to change the energy, this energy can be manipulated, and we all have the power to do so.

These are 2 simple but very effective tips and tools in how to overcome frustration. How to manage frustration when it is happening in the moment when you can feel, physical and/or emotional pain.

How do you manage your frustration?

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